Over in Daily Mail land, Amanda Platell, is having an all too rare outbreak of compassionate conservatism… However brave a face they have shown in public, it must have been devastating for Gordon and Sarah Brown to learn that their third child Fraser has cystic fibrosis. Knowing the […]

A slight flaw in the masterplan…

Over at CiF, Frank Fisher, the Big Blogger winner knows as Pike Bishop, make a pretty decent fist of a critique of the government’s plans for roadpricing… Sir Rod Eddington’s transport report suggests road pricing is the only way to solve Britain’s gridlock crisis – an “economic no-brainer” […]

Darkness is cheap, and Scrooge liked it.

One of more curious aspects of the Farepak fiasco has been the incredulity that has characterised some of the reaction to it, as much as to suggest a general air of disbelief that such things as savings clubs, and the people who use them, even exist in this […]

From the sublime to the grotesque.

Wahey, it’s arrived! The Blog Digest 2007, I mean – and bloody good stuff it is, too (and I’m not just saying that because I’m in it). Like his predecessor, Tim Worstall, Justin McKeating of the inspirational* Chicken Yoghurt, has done a fine job of collecting together a […]

Labour Peer alleged to have supported Tories

If a report in the New Statesman (newly redesigned and, like the Indy, subscription firewall free) is correct, then Lord Nazir Ahmed may shortly be re-styling himself not Britian’s first Muslim, Labour, Peer but as Britain’s first Muslim, Crossbench, Peer, assuming he doesn’t just cross the floor the […]

Let them eat Pot Noodle.

Right, this post needs a big opening. Cue lights… Cue Scenary… Cue Richard Strauss… And… ACTION! Dahhh Dahhh Daaaaaaaaaaaaah Dah Dahhh (boom-boom boom-boom boom-boom boom-boom) Dahhh Dahhh Daaaaaaaaaaaaah Da-Daaaaaaahhh (boom-boom boom-boom boom-boom boom-boom) CUUUUUUTTTTT! Right, which one of you bastards forgot to order the apes? … There are […]