Prison Food for Thought

Watching Channel 4 News about an hour ago, I noticed that an unnamed Home Office Civil Servant (is there any other kind) has taken a dig in the media at John Reid over plans to reopen the two worst prison wings in the UK to shore up the […]

He who laughs last didn’t get the joke

Barry’s Beef on the perils of not paying attention… Any one who knows me would know two fundamental things: 1) I enjoy comedy and 2) I have a hell of a lot of hates. Last night I went to the London Studios in Waterloo to see the filming […]

Couldn’t you have waited until Friday…

Back when the Identity Cards Bill was the hottest topic around, probably the hardest task facing its opponents was the decision as to which of the two junior Minister’s fronting the debates was the biggest tosser – Tony McNulty or Andy Burnham. Recent, its been McNulty sweeping the […]