Village Vermin

I see at least one other blogger has found their way to Village Vermin and their reaction rather mirrors my own thoughts. What a complete bag of shit! Look, read the disclaimer, run a WHOIS on the domain if you like (the owner listed a Party Animals Production […]

And when you’re right, it seems you’re right…

Via Tim in the comments, I find myself strangely drawn to an article from The Register from late December… Comment The internet has always offered a stage for dramatic reinvention. Corporate lobbyists have found it a suitable theatre for AstroTurfing, given the willingness of a net audience to […]

Fox News Lite on the Smith Institute

Well, I’ve now had to chance to review Iain Dale’s Fox News Lite smear story, sorry, report on the Smith Institute and my immediate reaction is… …is that it? Okay, I will say the video is worth watching just for the section on Bob Shrum’s comments about David […]

Now its Wingnut TV…

Christ, the more you dig around in places like Fox News Lite, the more seriously scary wing-nuttery you uncover. Michael Ehioze-Ediae is a bit of new one on me, although a quick Google search adds membership of the Conservative Christian Fellowship (quelle surprise) and a recent debut on […]