Typo of the day…

Ellee Seymour, the Alice Tinker of the British Blogosphere, on the subject of domestic violence

Let’s hope our jails are never too full for the viscous bullies who beat up women.

Yes, let’s bang up all the oily bastards and have done with it…

12 thoughts on “Typo of the day…

  1. Leave her alone, I like Caroline Hunt, she’s brimming with enthusiasm and is doing a great deal to show that young people are interested in politics. We need more people just like her, with such vibe, such energy and brilliant political analysis.

  2. When your ideology has been comprehensively discredited; when every exponent of it has been revealed as a charlatan or an hypocrite; when the church bell tolls solemnly for your Party, there is always the ad hominem (or ad feminam) attack, eh guys?

    Why don’t you all wander over to the site of your delightfully status-conscious comrade, Councillor Terry Kelly? (http://councillorterrykelly.blogspot.com). The poor guy needs a bit of solidarity (not to mention grammatical and typographical guidance).

  3. I personally think there’s something to be said about a person who’s high and mighty enough to call themselves Tom Paine, but I guess I’m just an embittered charlatan hypocrite.

  4. Dudes,

    I just read Mr. Paine’s blog. I almost pissed myself. He lauds Ann Coulter. And please, why would someone who admires “real conservatives,” call himself Tom Paine – is he being ironic?

    Very, very confused young man.

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