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I’ve not done much local stuff for a while but with local elections in the offing there are a few bits and pieces that are worth picking up.

We’ll start with BNP Councillor for Great Bridge, Simon Smith, who on last night’s news stated:

“Oh I’m no apologist for white working class scum” before go on to say that they would all be swept away by a BNP government.

Quite how they’d be swept away he didn’t specify, although I we’ll see Smith looking to bulk order Zyklon ‘B’ to do the job.

Zyklon “B” is not a fast acting gas. You are wrong. Even the article you link to refers to half an hour. The amount of Zyklon “B” used at the so-called “extermination” camps was no more or less than the other concentration camps. Cremation in 20 minutes is impossible. Germany wouldn’t be able to provide the coke for the crematoria for the number claimed.

Simon Smith, writing as ‘Steve Freedom’.

It’s worth reminding ourselves that Smith (who is unemployed, BTW) is the Councillor who thinks that Adolf Hitler had much in common with Jesus Christ and holds views such as this, when it comes to voting:

The reason why Blacks disproportionately don’t vote is that the frontal part of the brain associated with postponing immediate gratification is not so well developed as in other races.  I mean having to go all the way down the street and marking cross on a piece of paper doesn’t bring sex, drugs or the latest pair of trainers.

In other local BNP news, investigations are continuing into allegations of electoral fraud after a Mr Andrew Smith of Wednesbury claimed that his signature had been forged on the nomination papers for BNP candidate, Scott Dale, who is standing in the Friar Park ward of the town.

Similar allegations have been coming to light in Birmingham, where a Jamaican woman whose signature also appears on the nomination papers of a BNP candidate in the Handsworth and East Lozells ward also claims to know nothing about how their signature got there, while over in Aston, a Mr Abid Hussain has claimed that his father signed the nomination papers of a BNP candidate after being tricked into thinking that he was signing signing a petition.

And the BNP’s response to this?

Their regional organiser, Simon Darby, blamed the stigma attached to supporting the BNP for some of the stories, and suggested there should be a law banning the questioning of nominees, claiming that this amounts to harassment.

Picking up on another story that ran in The Stirrer, last month, I have been reliably informed that it is, indeed, local BNP group leader and failed publican, Jamie Lloyd, who is under investigation for having voted at Sandwell Council’s annual budget meeting despite being more than two months in arrears with his council tax, actions that could result is criminal proceedings and Lloyd being disbarred from office.

Lloyd’s excuse appears to be that he didn’t know that it would be illegal for him to vote at this meeting dues to his being in arrears, despite having been issued with a letter by recorded delivery reminding him of this. Lloyd claims that this did not arrive until after the meeting, an excuse that might just wash were this his first year as a councillor and his first budget meeting – except that it is isn’t, Lloyd was elected in 2004 and Sandwell MBC’s records show that he has previously attended an annual budget meeting held on 8th March 2005, although the following year (2006) he entered his apologies and did not attend the meeting.

Presumably Lloyd ‘forgot’ the two previous reminders he would have received, much as he forgot the identity of the men who shot up his former pub when asked for information by the police.

Word also reaches me that another BNP councillor may also be in difficulties over their attendance at this meeting, although for rather different reasons. Can’t reveal too much at the moment as investigations are on-going but the words ‘benefit’ and ‘fraud’ have been cropping in conversation rather a lot of late. Confirmation of this will be forthcoming as soon as I get it.

Finally, I can report that Alan Burkiit, the former Tory councillor convicting of trying to pimp his learning-disabled girlfriend (IQ around 50, apparently) has now been formally disbarred, although eh did cling on to his councillor’s allowance to the very last minute with the result that there will have to be a by-election immediately following the full council elections in May, where had he resigned at the time of his conviction, his now former seat could have been including in these elections.

One thought on “The Daily Scumbag

  1. hi Unity have you any info or heard the strong rumours that the local Tories have been trying to make appalling deals with the BNP to secure a win at all costs for the sitting Tory councillors and leave the BNP to have a clear run at the Labour sitting councillors in certain wards.

    The BNP didn’t field candidates in some wards that had sitting Tories last year and that allowed the Tories a clear run.

    I,m told the local senior Tories hammered out a deal recently like the successful deal they did in Great Bridge last year that saw the Tories not fielding a candidate and leaving the BNP to have a clear run at the Labour candidate and win.

    I also read that the Tipton Green Tory candidate printed an election leaflet shaking the hand of a previous candidte who stood for the National Front and was BNP regional organiser and who’s wife was deputy leader of the national BNP who were both expelled from the BNP and appealed against it and lost.

    The Tory candidate a Muslim defended his actions by saying he was a friend and that he had asked the former BNP and Freedom Party supporters to vote for him so as to get rid of the Labour Councillor a fellow Muslim.

    This was further confirmed when Great Bridge residents reported that senior Tory officials from Great Bridge and Tipton Green and local community activists visited them asking them to vote for the BNP.

    My information is that very senior Tories are fuming and complaining that the BNP Bast**** have gone against the agreement that they struck for this years elections and that the BNP are fielding candidates in our wards like Charlemont, Blackheath, Friar Park and Wednesbury North.

    These senior Tories are openly complaining to Labour members about the disgraceful and appalling BNP Bast****.

    If this is correct how can the leader of the Tories David Cameron say that they are fighting the BNP nationally when locally the Local Tories are openly trying to make these shoddy deals and complaining that the BNP has gone against it.

    Has anyone also heard this.

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