People like you… being lied to by the BNP.

In my last post, I mentioned that Simon Smith, aka Cap’n Freedom – see the link in the last post to a selection of insane rambling on Stormfront – was interviewed the other day by the BBC – and here’s the interview, during which he made the following claim…

Immigration and crime are the same thing. In West Bromwich and Smethwick we have the highest crime rates. Where we’ve got a more indigenous population and in Wednesbury we have lower crime figures. Multiculturalism doesn’t work.

Unfortunately for Cap’n Freedom, not only is he talking bollocks but Sandwell Council has, by local government standards, a first-rate research unit with it own website called Research Sandwell, which makes it very, very easy to check the facts behind Smith’s remarks – which makes it stupidly easy to prove that he’s talking bollocks.

Let’s start with some very basic general demographics – at the last Census the demographic split between Sandwell’s white and non-white populations was 79.7% white, 20.3% non-white -for the purposes of this exercise, the detailed breakdown of the non-white population is of no real consequence.

Next, you need to understand a little about how Sandwell is divided up for administrative and statistical purposes. Sandwell is made up, administratively, of  Six Towns – ranging from the smallest, Tipton and Wednesbury, which comprise 3 local authority wards each, to the largest, West Bromwich, which is made of six wards.

In 2001, Sandwell also went through an exercise in defining, for statistical purposes amongst other things, 79 local neighbourhoods, the upshot of which is that one can get a very detailed picture of social and other conditions for areas of Sandwell at a much ‘lower’ level than the usual local authority ward – down to populations of between 1,000 and 3,000 people rather than the 9-10,000 that make up a ward. A ‘neighbourhood’ in this context is what you could consider a ‘natural’ community, a estate/area smaller than a ward that shares common amenities and common community life sufficient to define it as a discreet ‘district’ in its own right.

So thanks to this – and to the work of Research Sandwell -its possible to pinpoint everything from crime hotspots to unemployment blackspots to areas that are desperately short of amenities, and all at a very local level.

If you’ve followed all that then it should be clear that what we have to play with, in terms of Cap’n Freedom’s claims about crime and immigration in Sandwell, is an overall figure for the size of Sandwell’s white and non-white population and, for each of 79 neighbourhoods, the same breakdown between white and non-white plus the crime rate for each of these neighbourhoods, based on the most recent figures (which are for 2004 and were published in 2005).

Let’s start then, with the picture for the borough as a whole and, specifically, the 13 neighbourhoods with the highest crime rates.

What we find is that, of these 13 areas, four lie within either Wednesbury or Tipton – the areas that Smith claims have the lowest crime rates because they have the largest ‘indigenous’ populations – Harvill’s Hawthorn, in Wednesbury, has the 2nd worst crime rate in the borough, while Glebefields, the Tibbington Estate and Princes End – all in Tipton – are respectively the 9th, 11th and 13th worst places for crime in Sandwell.

With regards to Smethwick and West Bromwich, which are supposedly the high crime areas due to immigration, we find that Smethwick accounts for 2 of the top 13, and West Bromwich three of the top 13 – and its also the case that these five areas all show a much higher non-white population than the borough average, ranging from 44% right up to 72% in the case of Cape Hill – which is actually 10 minutes walk from where I live.

For starters, the raw stats here are that Tipton and Wednesbury, combined, make up 24% of the 79 defined neighbourhoods in Sandwell, and 30% of the top 13 neighbourhoods for crime – Smethwick and West Bromwich combined make 48% of neighbourhoods but only 38% of the top 13 for crime.

However, these five areas are the only areas in the top 13 to have a larger than average non-white population – in the case of all the other 8 areas in the top 13 from crime, it is the white population that is larger than the borough average, ranging from 82.9% in Black Lake South, West Bromwich to 95.5% in the Glebefields area of Tipton. In reality, 6 of 13 areas with the highest crime rates in Sandwell have a white population in excess of 89% of the total population of the area, and in the case of the three areas of Tipton in the top 13, all have a white population in excess of 94%.

What was that about crime and immigration going together, Cap’n?

Things become even clearer if we focus just on Tipton – the town in which Smith is one of three BNP councillors. Tipton is made up of 10 neighbourhoods, of which only two have a larger than (Sandwell) average non-white population, one of which is the Park Estate, which become known a while back as the home of the so-called ‘Tipton Taliban’ and has the largest non-white population in the town (44%). It also has the third lowest crime rate in the town, and ranks 52nd out of 79 neighbourhoods in Sandwell (1st being the highest crime rate, 79th the lowest).

Strange eh?

There is, from the statistics, no correlation whatsoever between immigration – as expressed by the size of the non-white population – and crime in Tipton. The four areas with the highest crime rates in the town; Glebefields, Tibbington, Princes End and Ocker Hill, are four of the five areas with the largest ‘indigenous’ white population, of between 94 and 95.5%.

The other area with white population in excess of 94% – Gospel Oak – actually has the lowest crime rate in the town, with the second lowest being Toll End, with a white population of 85%.

What makes these areas different to the four, overwhelmingly white areas at the top of crime rates for the town is, in fact stupidly obvious – Gospel Oak and Toll End have the lowest crime rates and the highest rate of two parent families, owner-occupancy, economic activity (i.e employment) and lowest number of households with no adults in work and/or in the D/E social class.

I’ll leave you with one last set of stats to chew over.

The economic demographics for the Park Estate – which has a 44% non-white population and rank 52nd in terms of crime are actually worse in terms of economic activity, households with no adults in employment and D/E social class than Glebefields, which is 95.5% white and has the 9th highest crime rate in Sandwell and the highest in Tipton.

15 thoughts on “People like you… being lied to by the BNP.

  1. Nice to see the local census information actually has a purpose. And nice to see yet more evidence to prove the BNP are failing to make any kind of evidence-based politiking.

  2. Nice one. The BNP are very quick to trot out lines like “immigration and crime are the same thing” or “immigration has driven wages” which sound good. While it takes them 5 minutes to come up with a slogan like that it takes hours to dig out the facts to refute them.

    Sadly, few of us have the time or ability to do that.

  3. Good stuff. Congrats.

    You’ve posted before at PP about the Smethwick Gurdwara, Sher E Punjab and the various shenanigans. Anything more about the Mela stabbings last weekend that I’ve not been able to glean from the talkboards and Eveming Mail ?

  4. It is a real pity that the BNP continues to be supported by a vociferous minority who simply don’t have the intellectual capacity to make what is actually a very simple argument stack up.
    However, I suspect that the tipping point is not too far away. Here’s hoping.

  5. Good to know that there some British whites who aren’t completely passive. At least they can commit some sort of crime. BTW, what was that that Blair was saying about blacks and violent crime?

  6. The analysis only relates to 2004 and does not include the sterling work in Tipton by the police, in particular the Princes End neighbourhood with regards to solving violent robberies,aggrivated vehicle thefts and gun attacks.

    This will feed through the figures in the next analysis, although crime will have gone up over this period at least the police had some notable successes.

    Mind you the BNP havn’t been congratulating the police and have the gall to complain about crime although the decent people of Tipton will see a marked improvement for the next three years at least.

    Oh the violent robber was the local BNP’s leaders son who is now serving time in prison for these offences and who’s address was The Lagoon Public House Princes End.

    Secondly the aggrivated vehicle thief is again the local leader of the BNP’s other son again serving time for these offences in prison and who’s address, you’ve guessed it The Lagoon Public House Princes End.

    Lastly the Leader of the Local BNP himself has been reported to the director of public prosecutions for voting at the budget setting meeting while allegedly being two months in arrears with his council tax with his other three BNP councillors all briefing a collective sigh of relief because of their council tax accounts also reportedly being in arrears.

    His defence as reported to The Stirrer was that he was a contractor and he had to wait to be paid so Sandwell MBC will have to wait also, well that’s alright then.

    Well what about the almost

  7. what is wrong with people today the bnp try to protect freedom of speach some thing we are running out of if a white person made a remark about someones colour or religon that white person would be answerable to what he said or did but if a non-white person made a remark or action against a white man there would be no reaction from police if you all remember 68 years ago this country went to war along with its alies to protect the freedom of speach and british way of life at the expence of over 30 million alied soldiers and today 68 years later we are loosing what they fought and died for i am not a racist i have many coloured and religous freinds what i am saying is what is wrong with a political party whanting to preserve that right and keep the countrys tradidtions were they should be in 1st place if you love this country think about this and what you can actually say and do

  8. Daniel:

    Perhaps the first thing to point out here is that, as far as the English language is concerned, punctuation is not an optional extra.

    As for your reference to those who gave their lives during World War II to preserve Britain’s freedoms, can I just point on one salient fact – what we fought against, 68 years ago, was fascism – the same political doctrine espoused by the BNP.

    Do you see the problem here?

    The very people you profess to support would, during the 1940s, have been considered the enemy – and many still think of them in that way. The BNP’s political ‘ancestors’ are the same people, the Nazis and the Italian Fascists, that we fought against during World War II, which rather makes a mockery of your remarks.

  9. Does the Sandwell BNP suffer from Nepotism?

    Examination of the local election candidates for wards in Sandwell reveals that 3 families are standing for the BNP in 8 different wards.
    Why is this? Why is is necessary and completely unreal for 3 families to be fielding so many members of the BNP.

    The Howell family of West Bromwich is fielding 3 family members one of which in a ward unrelated.
    The Dale family also hailing from West bromwich had the cheek to field a candidate in my ward of Wednesbury North. Suffice to say they were spanked. Go home Mr Derrick Dale and when you live in this ward maybe we’ll listen. The final family is the Parkes with 2 nominations.

    All up the BNP is nothing more than an amateur crew who think that they can DO politics. I suggest that anyone who voted for any of them ought to have their heads examined for grey matter.

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