By-elections latest…

Right, I’ll be liveblogging this for the next hour or so until both results are in: 00:15 Sedgefield result estimated to be in about 30-40 minutes. 00:20 Looks a little tight in Ealing Southall but its starting to look like a Labour hold, Lib Dems second and a […]

Labour’s Spartacus Moment.

My, my… The chancellor, Alistair Darling, today became the most senior member of the cabinet to admit he had smoked cannabis “occasionally in my youth”. The shock admission, from the minister best known as a “safe pair of hands”, came after the home secretary, Jacqui Smith, revealed that […]

EXCLUSIVE: 2nd national newspaper breaches electoral law

Following hot on the heels of the Jonathan Isaby’s gaff in publishing what he claimed were unofficial vote tallies taken by a member of the Tory Campaign team in Ealing Southall during the verification of postal ballots, a second national newspaper appears to have repeated Isaby’s gaff. Visit […]