The defector that was… wasn’t… was… wasn’t…

Events in Ealing Southall have now taken an even more bizarre turn, with Iain Dale’s account of the on-off-on-off again alleged defection of Cllr Zahida Abbas Noori… Earlier today I reported that a sixth Labour councillor in Ealing Southall had defected to the Conservatives. I had had this […]

Trust me, I’m a defector…

Oh dear… Looks like Cameron’s new acquisition, Gurcharan Singh, has already started leading the Tories up a very well worn garden path of overblown claims of his own self importance: The central office stooge is at it again. Iain Dale posted on his blog earlier today that a […]

Bullshitting here…

Phew, with all the main action in the Ealing Southall by-election centred on dodgy defections, nicking leaflets and astroturf, its interest to reflect on the fact that the most that anyone seems able do when it comes to Lib Dem candidate, Nigel Bakhai, is take the piss out […]

Follow the Money

Praguetory’s popped up in comments (with a stammer) to offer some sage advice… As for the impact of the defections, follow the money on the money on the betting markets. Fair enough, given that William Hill have opened books on both upcoming by-elections. For Ealing Southall, you get […]

Astroturfing Here… UPDATED

And the Tory embarrassments keep coming in think and fast (and I’m not just referring to Praguetory here). Lib Dem Voice appear to have caught, Grant Shapps, the Tory campaign supremo in Ealing Southall, engaged in what is probably the worst attempt at astroturfing in history. In a […]

Bigmouth Strikes Again…

This morning I’d like to introduce you to a guy named Billy Taylor. This is him (pictured below) at the Mayor of Havering’s Charity Dinner in February this year: Now they say that confession is good for the soul, in which case young Billy’s soul must be in […]

Never knowingly underspun

I see that ‘Desperate Dale’ has been at the [mad] cow pie again this morning: Five Labour Councillors Defect to Ealing Southall Tories Tom Watson MP, Labour’s by election campaign manager in Ealing Southall, has just had the shock of his life. Five Labour councillors in Ealing Southall […]