It’s banner time

Matt Wardman popped up in comments to ask if I might knock up a blog banner or two to go with the rapidly growing blogger’s revolt in support of Craig Murray & Tim Ireland.

So, without further ado, we’ll start with public enemy No. 1


And don’t think that the hosting company that rolled over is getting off scot free either…


And because I wouldn’t want our new found Gooner allies to feel left out – great result against Derby, BTW – I thought they may appreciate this…


The main collection point for info is Justin’s post at Chicken Yoghurt, which is where I’d suggest everyone link for the time being at least and, of course, its the usual drill – you like, you take and you use. The usual creative commons terms are lifted on these images, so treat them as being in the public domain and have fun.

8 thoughts on “It’s banner time

  1. Note that Fasthosts wasn’t just cowardly, but dishonest; apparently Murray’s webmaster was paying for a dedicated server. What kind of “dedicated” server turns out to have half a dozen other people’s websites running on it? That’s just a virtualisation instance with a higher price!

  2. The kind of server that is “dedicated” is one which I have exclusive access to. It is therefore up to me to decide what sites are hosted on that server. The “dedicated” actually means that it is, or rather was, dedicated exclusively to me. It allowed me the option of hosting sites at a lower density that your typical shared-hosting package. It was also supposed to offer greater control, well that turned out to be bollocks, didn’t it.

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