Porcine Aviation


So according to Michael Gove, the Tory’s ‘Citizen Service for 16 year olds’ malarky would see 650,000 16 year olds a year volunteering to spend two weeks on a residential course, including a ‘testing challenge’ in return for a bit of a bung to a couple of charities – all in the six weeks or so between leaving school and going to sixth form college or into some sort of training – and this would to ‘recapture what National Service did’ in the 1950…

…which, from what Leslie Thomas wrote about in ‘The Virgin Soldiers’ seemed to amount to little more than spending two years shagging oriental prostitutes and getting the clap.

How else can one respond to such a suggestion other than with this…


2 thoughts on “Porcine Aviation

  1. When this site said that the Tories were the same old lying cheating bastards who genuinely did not have a fucking clue; we meant that the Tories were new, young old Etonian lying cheating bastards who genuinely do not have a fucking clue.

    Roll on the election- and one last push to make the Tories appear what they are- unelectable.

  2. We have had a little delve on this story here. Gove’s other side kick spoke up for Labour in effect in 2005. And the co-founder of the Sufi Muslim org is a LP apparatchik.

    It is no wonder that he was looking embarrassed to be introduced as a Tory by the naughty dissembling Tory.

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