What is it about men named Green?

Oh dear, David Green – a director of Civitas, apparently – thinks we’re heading towards totalitarianism: Until 1967 gays could be sent to prison. Now, 40 years on from liberalisation, one gay pressure group wants people who criticise gays and lesbians to be put in jail. The gay […]

Dya ken, John Doe

Iain Dale is looking for a bit of advice: Just a warning to those ‘anonymous’ commenters who think they can say anything they like on a blog and get away with it. Well you can’t. I’ve always maintained that anyone on the internet is subject to exactly the […]

On the menu tonight… Chicken Cameron.

I’m rather in two minds about the current right-wing feeding frenzy over the Indy’s obvious lifting of material from a Foreign Office press release for an article on ’10 myths about the EU [reform] treaty’. You see, on the one hand, its not as if the Indy doesn’t […]

Shades of Usmanov

Another day, and yet another of example of Usmanov-style censorship by exploiting the absurdities of the UK libel laws under which UK-based ISPs and webhosts can be held liable for third party content. The following article appeared, initially, on The Quackometer, which aims to debunk quack medicine on […]

Show me the money!

I have a bit of question for the Tory Party’s Deputy Chairman, Lord Ashcroft, who ships up in today’s Torygraph with the following claim: Two popular misconceptions have arisen about the Tory target seats operation… …The second is that I give money directly to Conservative candidates or constituency […]

Migration and Public Services

It’s not often that Chris Dillow misses a key point in what is otherwise a typically sharp and incisive assessment of the ongoing bleating about migration placing ‘pressure’ on public services but, for once, there is something that can be added to his analysis that bears mentioning as, […]

Defending Jim Watson

 Its always sad to see an eminent scientist getting himself into strife with what appears, at first sight, to be a few injudicious and controversial remarks. It’s even worse to find that those remarks have been used to construct an unfair and rather misleading hose job on the […]

Cash for Constituencies

Iain Dale has a bit of a sob story for us today: The power of incumbency for MPs is huge – and growing. So it is a little galling to hear Labour MPs bleating on about Michael Ashcroft’s funding a the Conservatives’ mtarget seat campaign. Rob Halfon, Tory […]

You know the drill by now

It’s another Pods and Blogs and another effort by the indefatigable Dan Hardie to drive home the point that a few quid and the right to apply for refugee status that they’ve always had just ain’t a good enough from the British government, who should be doing more […]

Clearing up the confusion

It appears that I have a bit of confusion to clear up: Who is the Ministry of Truth? I used to think the answer to that was simple: it is Unity (whoever the fuck that is). It turns out however that there are two Ministry of Truths. The […]