No backing off just yet…

Two important posts from Dan Hardie that are worthy of your immediate attention: Iraqi Employees: Maintain the pressure I am not a Doctor Thank you

Money Talks

Now here’s a fine example of British journalism at its very best: Via Arsenal News Review (with one extra added by moi) a list of 9 of the 10 journalists reported to have been flown to and from Moscow by Alisher Usmanov on a Gulfstream 550 private jet […]

Cameron’s Marriage Scam.

It appears I might have done David Cameron a disservice in suggesting that about half the couples who would be likely to benefit from his plans to ‘recognise’ marriage in the tax system would be those who don’t have dependent children – because looking at the detail of […]

Cameron the Marrying Man

It says much about the intellectual depth – or lack thereof – of David Cameron’s keynote speech to the Tory Conference, this week, that I’ve had to go and dig out a transcript to find out what he actually said to find out if it included any meaningful […]

Porcine Aviation

Right… So according to Michael Gove, the Tory’s ‘Citizen Service for 16 year olds’ malarky would see 650,000 16 year olds a year volunteering to spend two weeks on a residential course, including a ‘testing challenge’ in return for a bit of a bung to a couple of […]

Rewriting Britain’s Libel Laws (2)

So far we’ve looked at the current situation facing ISPs, webhosts, forum owners and bloggers vis-a-vis libel, third party comments and the ridiculous and unfair system of ‘notice and takedown’, plus a bit of economic reasoning as to why we should care about such things. This is where […]

Rewriting Britain’s Libel Laws (1a)

I moved house over the weekend, which makes things more than a little chaotic at the moment, but bear with me as normal service will be resumed in due course. Part 2 of my efforts to outline the need for changes in Britain’s libel laws is in the […]