Fallout Boy #2 – The Mad Nad Special

Yes, its time for part two of my own look at the abortion debate as it played out in parliament, and time to get around to the ‘contribution’ of Nadine Dorries. As our starting point we’ll take what Dave Cole has suggested will become the leitmotif for the […]

How to blow a ‘breakthrough’

Well, today’s the day that Dizzy joins the mainstream according to Iain Dale: Eleven days ago I asked a question about Phil Hendren, aka Dizzy Thinks. I said “Why hasn’t a newspaper signed him up yet?” Less than a fortnight later, Phil makes his debut in The Times […]

Tories collecting voter information illegally?

Apropos of my previous post on the Tory’s deeply embarrassing data ‘loss’ in Crewe and Nantwich, further investigations have turned up what appear to be a number of unfortunate ‘anomalies’ in key records. For one thing, its not at all clear exactly who is responsible for this data […]