Should Have Tried Chiropractic…

I’ve been meaning to blog this story since it appeared in a local paper over the weekend… Birmingham councillor was offered sexual services in massage parlour A SENIOR Birmingham councillor has told how he visited a massage parlour to alleviate back pain – but was offered “sexual services” […]

Welsh Lib Dems still a shambles

A few weeks ago I noted that a couple of newly elected Liberal Democrat members of the Welsh Assembly had made rather a shambles of following the rules for this year’s Welsh Assembly elections and had been disqualified from taking up elected office as a result. At the […]

OfQuack to Regulate Witchcraft

Back in 2009, the Daily Mash greeted the launch of the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (aka OfQuack) with one of my all-time favourite spoof news articles: Complementary Therapists To Be Regulated By Witch Doctor. STRICT standards must be applied to alternative medicine, according to the voodoo priest […]