Should Have Tried Chiropractic…

I’ve been meaning to blog this story since it appeared in a local paper over the weekend…

Birmingham councillor was offered sexual services in massage parlour

A SENIOR Birmingham councillor has told how he visited a massage parlour to alleviate back pain – but was offered “sexual services” on the side.

Coun Roger Harmer, deputy leader of the city’s Liberal Democrat Group, said he was shocked by the proposal made to him by Thai staff at Fruity Spa, in Erdington, and made his excuses and left.

The 46-year-old father of three said he only visited the massage parlour once.

Yes, Roger was shocked, I tell you… until his excuse began to look more than a touch iffy…

It is based in an apartment near the Six Ways roundabout in Erdington, but only reveals its full address to registered website members.

Councillor Harmer’s name was revealed in a membership list, seen by the Mail, which was sent out by the owner informing clients of a change in contact details.

The venue has pictures of its staff on the webpage dressed in their underwear, or draped across beds.

Their faces are obscured.

Without dwelling on exactly how the Birmingham Post and Mail came by the membership list, needless to say the website of the ‘Fruity Spa’ was quickly taken offline as soon as the story hit local newsagents, but not so as quickly as to prevent yours truly from retrieving the site’s gallery page from Google’s cache and taking this screenshot of the ‘delights’ that this establishment had to offer:

[Click photo for full size image]

After referring to his ongoing back problems…

“I regularly get back massages because I have muscular issues and I am lazy in terms of my posture.

“I have had therapeutic back massage for the last 15 years or so, which has been very effective, and I’ve rarely had back pain in that time.

“The same guy has done it in all that time and he is very good, but occasionally he isn’t available. I either wait or I have to find somewhere else.

… our intrepid Lib Dem councillor offer this assessment of his general impression of the place…

“It all looked very respectable at this place, the price for Thai massage was reasonable and I certainly did not expect anything to go with it.

Well, thanks to the combined magic of Google’s cache and Freezepage, you can judge the respectability of this establishment for yourself.

As for the prices, a Thai oil massage would have set you back £25 for half an hour or £40 for an hour, although more discerning customers might well have gone for the ‘Nuru massage with gel’ at £80 for an hour based on this delightful sounding promo…

Fruity Spa Nuru Experience

Nuru Gel is a gel which is extra slimy in consistency and is used for a Nuru Massage. You can experience a Nuru Massage at Fruity Spa with our fully trained Nuru Masseuses who specialise in this erotic encounter.

You can call Fruity Spa and have your entire body rubbed with NURU gel and your mind will be as slippery as your whole body while the Masseuse will carry on using the magic of this amazing gel on you.

Nuru Massage Gel

The Nuru liquid is heated up for comfort and will cover every part of your body. Your skin will absorb the NURU minerals from the escorts or your partners hands which will restore your body’s tone and vitality. The softness and freshness of your skin will be improved after a Nuru body slide.

Nuru Massage Parlours

Many Massage parlours in Japan and Thailand have been offering this for years because it is an erotic massage that people love. Luckily now this has been brought to the UK by Fruity Spa so you don’t have to travel so far for this great experience as we are based in Birmingham which is Central to most areas and easily reached by good Motorway networks.

And remember, as it says on the page with the prices…

Warning! when having a Nuru Massage using Nuru Gel your body will get seriously slippery and wet and we promise your body and mind will explode with pleasure.

Well, as warnings go, that sure seems to beat ‘May cause drowsiness. Do not operate machinery”.

Mindful of Denis Healey’s first law of holes, Harmer’s statement to the paper continues…

“I had the massage and at the end of it I was offered various extra sexual services. I said ‘no thank you’ and I made my excuses and left.

“It is a fine line how some of these places dress themselves up as massage parlours, but may be offering sexual services.

“Equally, the place itself might be perfectly respectable and it’s just a rogue girl who is trying to make some extra money.

“It is very difficult for people like me who are genuinely looking for a massage. I had to register with them in order to get an appointment.

“I have obviously not been back since it happened and I will not be going back.

“It’s just one of those things. It’s an embarrassing thing, but that’s life.”

See, I told you he was shocked… 😉

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