Shades of Kaschke: Christopher McGrath aka Scrooby

The last few years have seen more than their fair share of abusive libel actions but none quite so bizarre as the infamous cases in which Johanna Kaschke sued bloggers Dave Osler and John Gray, and LabourHome owner, Alex Hilton, for libel, as a litigant in person. Those […]

If bullsht were music…

Nadin Dorries’ latest ravings have already prompted one or two WTF? comments in the Twittersphere: If the image is a little on the small side for some readers, the text of Dorries’ missive, which was posted at 16:29 on 11 July 2011, runs as follows: Damian McBride and […]

Press Regulation and the impending death of the PCC

If you’re looking for a good argument for greater regulation of the British press then perhaps the best one around at the moment is the unedifying sight of Britain’s national newspapers collectively shitting themselves at the mere thought that someone, somewhere, might actually come up with a regulatory […]

BCAP consultation on advertising of post-contraception services

In the current climate of concerted attacks on abortion rights, this is particularly important: BCAP (Broadcasting Committee of Advertising Practice) is consulting on proposals for the regulation of broadcast advertisements for post-conception advice services (PCAS). What are the current advertising rules on post-conception advice services? PCAS that are […]

Fisking the CMF submission to RCPsych’s abortion review

One of things I’ve been watching out for over the last few weeks has been the response of the Christian Medical Fellowship (CMF) to the NCCMH/RCPsych consultation on its draft systematic review of the evidence relating to the mental health impact of induced abortion. The CMF has now […]

Dorries, The Times and Abortion/Preterm Delivery

Short version: Another day, another example of Nadine Dorries talking absolute rubbish. Long version: There’s a new post up at Nadine Dorries’s pseudoblog about an article which appeared in The Times yesterday, which reports on the preliminary results of a new epidemiological study by researchers at the University […]

Should Have Tried Chiropractic…

I’ve been meaning to blog this story since it appeared in a local paper over the weekend… Birmingham councillor was offered sexual services in massage parlour A SENIOR Birmingham councillor has told how he visited a massage parlour to alleviate back pain – but was offered “sexual services” […]

Welsh Lib Dems still a shambles

A few weeks ago I noted that a couple of newly elected Liberal Democrat members of the Welsh Assembly had made rather a shambles of following the rules for this year’s Welsh Assembly elections and had been disqualified from taking up elected office as a result. At the […]

OfQuack to Regulate Witchcraft

Back in 2009, the Daily Mash greeted the launch of the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (aka OfQuack) with one of my all-time favourite spoof news articles: Complementary Therapists To Be Regulated By Witch Doctor. STRICT standards must be applied to alternative medicine, according to the voodoo priest […]

BACP: Not Backing Dorries’s Abortion Amendments

This morning, Nadine Dorries posted a press release on her pseudoblog which claims that the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) has backed the abortion counselling amendment that she and Frank Field have put forward for inclusion in the government’s contentious Health and Social Care Bill: The […]