Pistorius ‘Psychic’ is a Tea Party nutjob

On Twitter, Blue Wode has picked up on a rather bizarre story that’s currently unfolding in South Africa…

Johannesburg – A woman, whose requested to address the Pretoria Magistrate’s Court on the “mental state” of murder accused athlete Oscar Pistorius, has approached the Constitutional Court, the Saturday Star reported.

The woman, who identified herself as “Annamarie, last name uncertain, previously Riethmiller” in court on Thursday, has since filed papers with the Constitutional Court to have her application heard.

According to the report, she said she was contacted in a dream by Pistorius’ mother Sheila, who told her to make sure Pistorius was sent for psychiatric evaluation.

After being rebuffed by the magistrate, she approached the High Court with her request to halt the bail application, but this court also rejected her application.

If anyone needs a psych evaluation it would appear to be ‘Annamarie, last name uncertain, previously Riethmiller’, a resident of Bradenton, Florida, who appears to have been born in South Africa but became a naturalised US citizen in 2009.

Annamarie LNU, to give the name that appears on a sizeable number of court documents in the United States has, over the last couple of years, filed what appear to be near identical ‘civil rights’ law suits against the ‘Electors’, ‘Electoral College’ or ‘Persons Unknown’ in at least 18 US states, including Alabama, Florida, Massachusetts and Texas, in addition to a case filed original in the Federal Court in Washington DC, but now with the Court of Appeal, which names the United States of America & US Department of Justice as defendants, with Barack Obama, the White House and the Republic of South Africa cited as appellees.

As to the nature of MS LNU, formerly Riethmiller’s complaint, this is perhaps most readily described in the decision handed down in the United States District Court, District of Maine, on September 27, 2012 by US Magistrate Judge, Margaret J Kravchuk:

Plaintiff is a resident of Bradenton, Florida, suing the Electors for the State of Maine.  The complaint is mostly incoherent and appears in large measure to be directed against President Obama who according to plaintiff is not legally eligible to be on the Maine presidential ballot. Her “complaint” does not explain why she is suing the“electors” or what she believes they can do about making a determination about whose name appears on the Maine ballot. Since the complaint provides no notice of a claim against the putative defendants or a basis for exercising federal court jurisdiction, I recommend it be dismissed.

Needless to say, the word ‘incoherent’ appears frequently in the decisions handed down in other states in regards to Ms LNU, formerly Riethmiller’s lawsuits, although a number of judge have also gone with ‘unintelligible’, ‘insensible’ and’verbose’, either alone or in combination with ‘incoherent’.

The best clue as to what’s actually going on here lies in Ms Last Name Uncertain, formerly Riethmiller’s chosen name, which tends to indicate that she’s a delusional wingnut who’s bought wholesale into the pseudolegal woo of the ‘Sovereign Citizen’ movement of which the ‘Freeman on the Land‘ variant is perhaps the version most likely to be familiar to a British audience.

That Ms LNU, formerly Riethmiller should have now be seeking to insert herself into the Pistorius case with her ‘psychic’ evidence should, therefore, come as no great surprise given that her overall grasp on reality is somewhere on a par with that of David Icke, but it does provide me a perfect opportunity to post a link to the judgement handed down in the Court of Queen’s Bench of Alberta by Associate Chief Justice J D Rooke in the case of Meads vs Meads, a divorce case of all things, in which Rooke ACJ comprehensively dismantles the whole ‘Freeman on the Land’ concept, piece by pseudolegal piece.

MS LNU claims to be the ex-wife of Dr Gerald Versfeld, Pistorius’ orthopaedic surgeon (as yet unconfirmed) and, in some news reports appears to ascribe the uncertainty regarding her surname to some sort of confusion over whether or not she should correctly be considered to be a Versfeld or a Riethmiller for reasons that are not entirety clear but which may suggest a relatively recent divorce. A further search of Florida court documents has turned up a few item of interest including records of a mortgage foreclosure in which Ms LNU’s name is given as ‘Annamarie D. Versfeld aka Annamarie D. Riethmiller’ alongside William Riethmiller, who appears to be a personal injury attorney, and a stream of motions, mostly dismissed, relating to what appears to ongoing personal injury litigation in which MS LNU/Versfeld/Riethmiller appears to be suing William Riethmiller, several members of his family and a psychiatrist named Danuta Fabisiak and one or two other named individual, and vice versa.

This may or may not be connected to another court document, dismissing an application for a emergency injunction to prevent a hearing taking place in 2011, in which the application from Ms LNU is premised on an assertion that a state court should not proceed with a hearing until her husband, William Reithmiller, has been declared fit to stand trial by a panel of psychiatrists ‘pursuant to a  Baker Act proceeding’ – to be ‘Baker Acted’ in Florida appears to be the equivalent of being ‘sectioned’ in the UK.

Exactly what might be going on here is anyone’s guess, unless someone with access to Pacer fancies unpicking the paper trail surrounding Ms LNU but what is clear is that at least one Florida court has become so sick of her antics that, in a ruling filed in July 2012, she was told in no uncertain terms that any more frivolous attempts at getting Obama removed from the Presidential ballot would see her being designated a vexatious litigant.

On the whole, this is all starting to resemble a discarded scenario from Iain Banks’ ‘The Wasp Factory’.

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