I Met a Speech That Wasn’t There

I lost my grandad to lung cancer, oh, too many years ago. Long enough ago that I couldn’t say for sure exactly how old I was when he died without ringing my mom to ask her when it was. Memories fade over time, but the one vivid legacy […]

Daily Mail threatens media blogger with libel action over 2 year old article

Kevin Arscott of the ‘Angry Mob‘ blog is a reasonably well-known figure in the British blogosphere, one of several bloggers who specialise in tracking and exposing some of the worst excesses of tabloid and mid-market national titles, including The Sun, Daily Express and, of course, Daily Mail. This […]

The Madness of Nadine Dorries pt.2

Before getting down to business I should perhaps explain the overall purpose of this current series of posts. I’ve been researching and documenting the dubious conduct of Nadine Dorries for quite some time, in fact a little over four years. Over that time I’ve accumulated rather a lot […]

Rights Holder Groups Demand Copyright Star Chambers

Earlier today, the Open Rights Group reported that ‘detailed website blocking proposals have been presented by rights holder groups to Ed Vaizey’ by a cabal of rights holder groups including the FA Premier League; the Publishers Association; BPI (British Recorded Music Industry) Limited; the Motion Picture Association; and […]

Pornography, Censorship and the Bailey Review

Before getting back to the business of chronicling Nadine Dorries’ spiralling descent into Palinesque fucknuttery, I need to take a bit of a detour via a recent post on the Bailey Review to respond to a moderately interesting comment, albeit one which nicely illustrates both the complexities of […]

BBC makes piss-poor job of JRF alcohol report

If you’ve caught the BBC’s news output this morning on television, radio or teh interwebs, you’ll have seen this: Parents’ behaviour ‘can influence teen drinking’ Children who see their parents drunk are twice as likely to regularly get drunk themselves, a survey of young teenagers has suggested. Poor […]

Jon Gaunt vs Ofcom

Jon Gaunt’s attempt to overturn a decision by Ofcom to uphold a complaint against him on the grounds that this constituted an ‘unlawful interference with his freedom of expression’ has been dismissed by the Court of Appeal in ruling which shows that the current Master of the Rolls, […]

Bailey Review: A Triumph Of Prejudice Over Evidence

Dr. Brooke Magnanti has posted a rather interesting commentary on the problems of defining ‘sexualisation’ over at her Sexonomics blog in response to the the publication, last week, of the Bailey Review of the Commercialisation and Sexualisation of Childhood. Unfortunately, so far as the Government are concerned, I […]

Astroturfing the Arab Spring

Yesterday evening saw something of a first for libel tourism in England and Wales as the official Bahrain News Agency announced that the Bahraini government intends to sue The Independent newspaper for libel over its coverage of the brutal suppression of pro-democracy protests in the tiny Gulf state: […]

Dorries: Step away from the damn banana

What is it with Christian nutjobs and bananas? You may recall that perhaps the most embarrassing creationist video of all time involved Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron’s musings on the perfect god-given design of the ‘atheist’s nightmare’ – the banana. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YfucpGCm5hY[/youtube] And now, Nadine Dorries is running around […]