Cry libel! And let slip the dogs of wingnuttery

It would appear that Tim Ireland is having another spat with Guido over this post in which he alleges that Guido has been making free with other people’s copyrighted work – and using storage space/bandwidth at Messagespace to do some it, not to mention leeching off their bandwidth, […]

Smoke and Mirrors

One of the more notable (and sensible) silences in the blogosphere around the time that the whole Usmanov issue kicked off was, of course, that of Paul Staines (aka Guido Fawkes) who – to credit him with a modicum of intelligence – wisely chose to lie low rather […]

What is it about men named Green?

Oh dear, David Green – a director of Civitas, apparently – thinks we’re heading towards totalitarianism: Until 1967 gays could be sent to prison. Now, 40 years on from liberalisation, one gay pressure group wants people who criticise gays and lesbians to be put in jail. The gay […]

Dya ken, John Doe

Iain Dale is looking for a bit of advice: Just a warning to those ‘anonymous’ commenters who think they can say anything they like on a blog and get away with it. Well you can’t. I’ve always maintained that anyone on the internet is subject to exactly the […]

Shades of Usmanov

Another day, and yet another of example of Usmanov-style censorship by exploiting the absurdities of the UK libel laws under which UK-based ISPs and webhosts can be held liable for third party content. The following article appeared, initially, on The Quackometer, which aims to debunk quack medicine on […]

Money Talks

Now here’s a fine example of British journalism at its very best: Via Arsenal News Review (with one extra added by moi) a list of 9 of the 10 journalists reported to have been flown to and from Moscow by Alisher Usmanov on a Gulfstream 550 private jet […]

Rewriting Britain’s Libel Laws (2)

So far we’ve looked at the current situation facing ISPs, webhosts, forum owners and bloggers vis-a-vis libel, third party comments and the ridiculous and unfair system of ‘notice and takedown’, plus a bit of economic reasoning as to why we should care about such things. This is where […]

Rewriting Britain’s Libel Laws (1a)

I moved house over the weekend, which makes things more than a little chaotic at the moment, but bear with me as normal service will be resumed in due course. Part 2 of my efforts to outline the need for changes in Britain’s libel laws is in the […]

Schilling for Business

A quick at look at the website of Schillings, the legal firm responsible for the [temporary] removal of Bloggerheads et al turns up a number of case studies that are particularly illuminating as to what they reveal about the manner in which the firm operates. Take, for example, […]

Taking on the libel laws – more thoughts.

My thoughts on bloggers taking the fight to Britain’s berserker libel laws have already prompted a few responses and several questions/queries that are worth addressing. Dizzy has kindly pointed out – in comments – that there’s a question mark hanging over the definition of ‘publication’ for the purposes […]