Brunswick Strikes Again

Although I’d guess that I’m a long way from being on Alex Hilton’s Christmas Card list after my rather sharp commentary on the general state of LabourHome, duty and common decency requires that I draw everyone’s attention to the fact that Alex is latest blogger to face the […]

An excursion in conspiraloonacy

As you might well imagine, the fallout from last week’s attempt to silence Harry’s Place is rattling on nicely and it seems that not only does one of the principle characters, Jenna Delich, have a bit of previously undisclosed form when it comes to circulating links to material […]

Harry’s Place sued over typo?

It seems that Blogosphere’s quixotic ‘relationship’ with the UK’s abysmal libel laws has reached a new low. Harry’s Place is currently ‘offline’ as a result of what appears to be a wholly vexatious threat of libel action levelled at the company which hosts it DNS entry as a […]

J Mark Brewer revisited (updated)

I’ve left this alone for a couple of days but to bring everyone up to speed the ongoing saga of J Mark Brewer, the St Stephen the Great charity/charitable trust and SPCK’s former bookshops continues to rumble on unabated, with Brewer continuing to fire off his rather sanctimonious […]

Ladele v Islington – was there a conflict of interest?

The extreme decision of an employment tribunal in the case of Ladele vs Islington (pdf), that of the registrar who claimed to have discriminated against on religious ground for refusing to officiate in civil partnership ceremonies, has naturally drawn a considerable amount of attention amongst bloggers. Thus far, […]

Defending the Fifth Estate

Britain’s libel laws have long been a national disgrace. In the Internet age they have now become an international scandal, raising sufficient concerns amongst our American cousins that Senator Joe Lieberman (Ind) and Representative Peter King (Rep) have found it necessary to introduce new legislation into the US […]

Murray faces more legal bullying

Craig Murray looks set for another bout of legal fisticuffs with our old friends, Schillings: Schillings are a firm of libel lawyers dedicated to prevent the truth from being known about some deeply unlovely people. They managed temporarily to close down this blog (and several others) to keep […]

Harry’s Place threatened with legal action

There are certain things that are guaranteed to bring political bloggers together regardless of any differences of opinion and outlook that may ordinarily hold sway. One, as the legal firm Schillings, learned the hard way, is the use of threats of litigation in an effort to suppress legitimate […]

A simple exercise in honesty

Today, I’m going to give you a simple demonstration of the difference between a journalist and blogger. For the purposes of this demonstration, I will be using an article in today’s Daily Telegraph which runs under the headline “Half of web users support bloggers’ code of conduct” – […]

An Organised Hypocrisy

Every so often, bloggers exhibit a penchant for either coining new words/phrases, like bansturbation, or suggesting apt and usually amusing redefinitions of the exists words/phrases, and I’m no less prone to this than anyone else hence: National Press (n): 1. An organised hypocrisy The blogging story of the […]