One vote

I think it fair to say that the government’s proposals to outlaw the ‘glorification’ of terrorism are as near dead in the water as makes no difference.

The record will show that they won the division by a single vote, 300 to 299, a result which will have us all pouring over the list tomorrow to identify the rebels and take a long hard look at the absentees.

In practice, however, a one vote majority is not going to be enough to face down opposition in the House of Lord; the usual arguments about the Lord blocking the will of the Commons simply isn’t going to fly on a vote won by the narrowest possible margin, making it a certainty that government will have to accept either a heavily amended version of the clause or let it fall entirely if they are to get the rest of the bill through Parliament.

2 thoughts on “One vote

  1. Oh disloyal Neil! Your name will go before the central committee. We will meet in the place where the is no darkness.

    You call yourself a Labour Party member? “It might be two or three hours ago that they had brought him here. The dull pain in his belly never went away, but sometimes it grew better and sometimes worse, and his thoughts expanded or contracted accordingly. When it grew worse he thought only of the pain itself, and of his desire for food. When it grew better, panic took hold of him. There were moments when he foresaw the things that would happen to him with such actuality that his heart galloped and his breath stopped. He felt the smash of truncheons on his elbows and iron-shod boots on his shins; he saw himself grovelling on the floor, screaming for mercy through broken teeth. He hardly thought of Julia. He could not fix his mind on her.” There is only the party. It’s too late to back out. We will find someone loyal to write the Brighton Regency Labour Party Blog. We know where you live, and we will kill your family. It is for the common good. War is Peace! Freedom is Slavery! David Blunkett has Integrity!

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