Ten for that? You must be mad!

I wonder; in all the fuss and furore over the current anti-terrorism bill, in every effort being made to scare and coerce parliament and the British people into supine compliance in the face of police demands for more and more powers, including the power to suspend habeas corpus […]

Major Bullshit

Looks very much like ‘honest’ John’s memory is starting to go. Fair’s fair, he has a point with his observation that: “It does point out the hypocrisy of what they said at the time: ‘purer than pure’, ‘whiter than white’, ‘tough on sleaze; tough on the causes of […]

Safety Elephant “consults” on Anti-Terror Bill

This just arrived in my inbox at 5:30pm today. I am emailing you today to find out your views on the action the Government is proposing to take to challenge the new terrorist threats that face all of us. Since the London bombings of 7 July, we all […]

Electrifying question

From this blogs search logs; one of antipodean cousins wants to know via Google Australia: “Why may electro-convulsion therapy be viewed with suspicion by public” To which the obvious answer must surely be: “Here, hold these wires and I’ll show you” On a similar amusing vein, this week […]

One vote

I think it fair to say that the government’s proposals to outlaw the ‘glorification’ of terrorism are as near dead in the water as makes no difference. The record will show that they won the division by a single vote, 300 to 299, a result which will have […]

ID Cards – the debate in a nutshell

Courtesy of The Current Outlook we have this perfect illustration; from the House of Lords; of the nature of debate on the introduction of ID Cards. Lord Thomas of Gresford: My Lords, a moment ago the noble Lord, Lord Giddens, said that it was not for lawyers or […]