The Secret Policeman’s Ball

In reporting that Lib Dem and Tory Peers may fight back against yesterday’s reinstatement of glorification in the Terrorism Bill, the Beeb include this gem of a statement from the Met.

Scotland Yard’s anti-terrorism chief Peter Clarke on Thursday said it was “hopelessly optimistic” to think the threat from al-Qaeda could be under control within five to 10 years.

Mr Clarke, the deputy assistant commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, said there were more than 60 defendants awaiting trial on terror charge – an “unprecedented” number.

He also suggested there should be a new national structure to police terrorism.

Currently only police in London have substantial resources for tackling terrorism.

A new national structure to ‘police terrorism’ eh? Any thoughts on a name for this yet, Peter?

How about KGB? or perhaps Stasi would suit you better?

2 thoughts on “The Secret Policeman’s Ball

  1. I find the TV news response to this both amusing and dispiriting. Whatever happened to journalism, for God’s sake? I mean, he would say that wouldn’t he? When has any public servant ever said ‘Yes, the situation is well in hand, and I expect you’ll be able to issue me my P45 at the end of the year’?

    Reporting the _opinions_ of someone with a vested interest as _facts_. Sigh. Under the Blair Rules of Debate(tm), I assume that’s OK as long as the interest coincides with that of the Government.

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