Gitmo Baby

A couple of days ago, Craig Murray broke the story of the arrest an interogation of the three of the stars of the award winning film ‘The Road to Guantanamo’

The Lip, an online multicultural magazine, has now added a new strand to the story with an exclusive account of what actually happened at Luton Airpost direct from Riz Ahmed, one of the actors who was arrested.

It’s best to read the account in full, but I do want to quote one section of the article, which deals with some of the questions that Riz was asked.

Under the threat of “prolonging

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  1. Guantanamo film stars detained by terror police
    The director, stars and subjects of The Road to Guantanamo, best film at this year’s Berlin Film Festival, were all detained under the terror laws on their return to the UK. Read the gruesome account of what happened at The

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