Following the money…

From a series of posts on his blog,- [1] [2] [3] & [4] its looks very much as if both myself and Iain Dale have been simultaneously working on the same question – just what was John Prescott actually doing in visiting Colorado-based Billionaire, Phillip Anschutz, at his […]

I suppose I should know better, but…

It seems, of late, that I’m one of few bloggers who’s warped enough to eschew the now ritualised twice-weekly slaughter of the lesser-brained Toynbee (see that’s what happens when you ban fox-hunting, the buggers only go off and find themselves a new bloodport) in favour a rather more […]

A phyrric victory for Big Pharma?

Courtesy of the Beeb… Impotency rub-on gel developed A rub-on gel could be the first over-the-counter treatment for impotency, a company has announced. It is being developed by Futura Medical in collaboration with pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline. The treatment, called MED2002, is expected to go into clinical trials at […]

Picture Exclusive – Ronaldo apologises to Rooney after World Cup incident.

Okay, I’ve used this image before, but in the circumstances it’s well worth digging up again…

FIFA Las Vegas

At long last, the World Cup has produced a game worthy of taking centre-stage in the world’s most important sporting event. If you didn’t catch tonight’s semi-final game between Germany and Italy, then I would recommend you make sure you sit up to the small hours for the […]