We’re aaaalll doooooomed!

Via the Peter Gaston in the comments to Justin’s take on the Government’s new ‘threat level’ warnings at Chicken Yoghurt, we come to another piece of Photoshop-ed genius from the imagination of Beau Bo D’or…

Are you sure you wouldn’t prefer St. Giles*?

I spotted this yesterday, while out shopping, in one of the Sunday tabloids that had been left open on the news stand is Asda (didn’t notice which one, sorry). St Alban is holier than St George THE Church of England will debate making St Alban an alternative patron […]

Who will rid me of this turbulent… Attorney General?

Monday 12 June Home Secretary John Reid has criticised the sentence on a paedophile who abducted and sexually assaulted a girl of three as "unduly lenient". Relatives of the victim of Craig Sweeney, 24, attacked his life jail term because guidelines on guilty pleas mean he could be […]