Who will rid me of this turbulent… Attorney General?

Monday 12 June

Home Secretary John Reid has criticised the sentence on a paedophile who abducted and sexually assaulted a girl of three as "unduly lenient".

Relatives of the victim of Craig Sweeney, 24, attacked his life jail term because guidelines on guilty pleas mean he could be out in five years.

Monday 10 July

Attorney General Lord Goldsmith is expected [to] leave the minimum sentence of a man who sexually abused a three-year-old girl unchallenged.

Paedophile Craig Sweeney, 24, was sentenced to life but can apply for parole after five years and 108 days.

It is believed Lord Goldsmith will not ask the Court of Appeal to review the sentence because he has concluded it is not "unduly lenient".

No word as yet on whether Goldsmith can expect a visit from the Respect Squad in due course…


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