Justice denied anywhere diminshes justice everywhere*

Having passed the anniversary of the 7 July bomb attack on London – read this – another anniversary approaches rapidly. In ten days time (22 July) it will be one year on from the extra-judicial killing of an innocent Brazilian, Jean Charles de Menezes, by the Metropolitan Police […]

Domegate or Casinogate – which do you prefer?

Part 1 – A taxing little question… Yes, just a little more digging into some of the background to the whole Prescott/Anschutz/Dome/Casino thing – only this time let’s take a look at Anschutz’s partner in the proposed casino development, Kerzner International… First up, there’s a rather interesting section […]

And did they get you trade your heroes for ghosts?

With the sad news that the great Syd Barrett died peacefully a couple of days ago, everyone seems to be going overboard with the Shine On You Crazy Diamond references, which is why I thought I’d remind folks that Roger Waters wrote more than just the one song […]

Can’t count. Knows fuck all about football…

Even with everything else that’s gone during the course of the World Cup, one still has to ask one final question… …Is Martin Jacques a miserable bastard, or what? While everyone else has been watching the football, it seems Martin has been agonising over the ethnic profile of […]

More Dome/Casino stuff…

No great analysis, this time, just a few more snippets of information from various sources in relation to the whole Prescott/Anschutz saga… First, from the Lords Hansard (26 Nov 2002), we have: Lord Avebury: My Lords, was not an undertaking given by English Partnerships to provide 3,500 low-cost […]

Catwoman Returns…

Wahey, Kitty Ussher‘s back with another puff piece in the Graun (from last Friday – and curiously enough, not on Comment Is Free where us plebs can get at her via the comments boxes) And what’s Kitty got to say for herself this time? Well, looks rather like […]

An ornament of a civilised society…

During last week’s brief spat with the MSM over Guido’s naming of another alleged mistress of John Prescott I made the general observation that is the press in this country really had any balls they’d be mounting a campaign against Britian’s appallingly unfair and draconian libel law and […]

Cherchez le sleaze…

Nice to see Matthew Norman, in yesterdays Indy, adding yet another layer of murk to to the already overloaded tale of the Deputy Prime Minister, the Casino and the dome… AS ALWAYS when the delectable scent of mild governmental scandal is on the breeze, the question is cherchez […]

We’re aaaalll doooooomed!

Via the Peter Gaston in the comments to Justin’s take on the Government’s new ‘threat level’ warnings at Chicken Yoghurt, we come to another piece of Photoshop-ed genius from the imagination of Beau Bo D’or…

Are you sure you wouldn’t prefer St. Giles*?

I spotted this yesterday, while out shopping, in one of the Sunday tabloids that had been left open on the news stand is Asda (didn’t notice which one, sorry). St Alban is holier than St George THE Church of England will debate making St Alban an alternative patron […]