Who will rid me of this turbulent… Attorney General?

Monday 12 June Home Secretary John Reid has criticised the sentence on a paedophile who abducted and sexually assaulted a girl of three as "unduly lenient". Relatives of the victim of Craig Sweeney, 24, attacked his life jail term because guidelines on guilty pleas mean he could be […]

Taking his ball home…

US tycoon in £250m threat to Dome plan The future of the Millennium Dome was thrown into chaos last night as the US billionaire embroiled in controversy over his relationship with John Prescott threatened to pull the plug on £250m worth of investment if his bid to build […]

Quod Erat Demonstrandum

Since the first formally proposed by this government, opposition to the introduction of identity cards and, particularly, the national identity register has gone down two interlinked routes; one has been objections on civil liberties grounds and the manner in which ID cards alter the relationship between the citizen […]

And there’s even more…

Over at the Yorkshire Ranter, Alex, who came within a whisker of absolutely nailing the Prescott/Dome/Casino story a month a year before anyone else started sniffing around it, has done a bit more digging of his own and turned up another interesting piece of information from a report […]

And even murkier still…

More information seems to be emerging on the dealings between Anschutz and the UK Government in this morning’s Indy. For one thing, Anschutz donated $1.5 million to the London Olympic bid in addition to sending what the Indy describe as a ‘key lieutenant’ from AEG to advise on […]

Getting murkier by the minute…

A point seemingly lost on the BBC in the last couple of days is by far the main reason that the Prescott-Anschutz connection is getting so much attention is that the more we look into things, the more we find things that just don’t appear to add up. […]

Sins of omission?

Considering the amount of time and effort that the BBC are currently putting into whinging about bloggers over the whole Prescott/Anschutz business, you might think they’d be just a tad more careful about waving a red rag in the blogosphere’s face… …but no, this morning finds Newsnight’s Paul […]

Following the money…

From a series of posts on his blog,- [1] [2] [3] & [4] its looks very much as if both myself and Iain Dale have been simultaneously working on the same question – just what was John Prescott actually doing in visiting Colorado-based Billionaire, Phillip Anschutz, at his […]

I suppose I should know better, but…

It seems, of late, that I’m one of few bloggers who’s warped enough to eschew the now ritualised twice-weekly slaughter of the lesser-brained Toynbee (see that’s what happens when you ban fox-hunting, the buggers only go off and find themselves a new bloodport) in favour a rather more […]

A phyrric victory for Big Pharma?

Courtesy of the Beeb… Impotency rub-on gel developed A rub-on gel could be the first over-the-counter treatment for impotency, a company has announced. It is being developed by Futura Medical in collaboration with pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline. The treatment, called MED2002, is expected to go into clinical trials at […]