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With all the fuss about Holocaust denial, should we now start worrying about the possibility of English Civil War denial?

Despite being the world’s oldest democracy, the UK has never had a revolution – no great rising of the people demanding the overthrow of the established order. 

I suspect that what Helena means is that we’ve never had a proletarian revolution in the UK, and I suppose she is technically correct as we didn’t become the United Kingdom (of Great Britain and Ireland) until 1800 – the 1707 Act of Union only created the Kingdom of Great Britain, but I’m still inclined to think that the Civil War counts as a revolution, and a British one, despite the name, especially as the Scots helped to start it.

4 thoughts on “Helena Kennedy’s Most Excellent Adventure…

  1. And the War of independence / American revolution, which can certainly be seen as a populist uprising of british subjects against the government.

    And as for makeitanissue.org : oh, a group celeb blog. Left wing, hampstead intellectual group blog. “We’re taking the government process and putting in the hands of YOU, the independent reader.”

    Back to directly bollocking ministers, civil servants and MP’s myself then…

  2. And as for “the world’s oldest democracy” – er, what? We didn’t have universal suffrage until 1928, did we?

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