Always remember to engage brain before writing…

For reasons know only to himself, Marcel Berlins seems intent, of late, on making a complete arse of himself on every possible opportunity… The attorney general, Lord Goldsmith, confirmed in the Lords last week that the government was “actively considering” removing the right to anonymity from women who […]

Send in the Clowns…

Following meekly in the undistinguished footsteps of the Queen of Complacency, Polly Toynbee, Johann Hari, writing in the Indy, has turned his attention to the always thorny issue of government, databases and personal data, and put up a sterling effort at becoming Polly Pot’s ‘Prince Consort’… The Seventies […]

BNP ‘HQ’ in Tipton to Close

It’s long been known, locally, that the Wolverhampton-based Express & Star newspaper is no great friend of the political left, so much so that it long ago earned itself the nickname of the ‘Excess & Swastika’ for the rather obvious right-wing bias of much of its content. Even […]

Mystic Nadine.

According to Iain Dale, ‘Nadine Dorries is a Tory MP with a sense of humor’ – which is news to me (not the sense of humour but the fact that she’s a Tory MP). Still on the strength of these comments, I can’t help but agree with his […]

Should Muslims have ‘faith-based’ health services?

The British Medical Journal is not one of my regular online haunts, admittedly, but I couldn’t resist looking in after spotting this article on the Beeb’s website. The NHS should provide more faith-based care for Muslims, an expert says. Muslims are about twice as likely to report poor […]

By their fruits ye shall (indeed) know them.

Religion seems to be a topic I simply cannot get away from at the moment, there being much that is written else on the subject that merits comment, either because it is very good or very bad – the ‘middle ground’ seems rather absent in this present debate, […]

Beware what you wish for…

Apropos of my last post on Richard Buggs’ piss-poor efforts to promote Intelligent Design as a scientific theory over at Comment is Free (link in the previous post), one of the many comments on the article raises what I consider to be quite an interesting point. If we […]

Buggsy Banal…

While the Groan’s policy of allowing a right of reply to articles posted on Comment Is Free is a good one, it does mean that they do occasionally end up giving space to articles that are no more than a complete pile of shite. Over the weekend, it […]

May the Farce be with you…

With the very real prospect of a government climb-down on the implementation of the upcoming Sexual Orientation Regulations in England, Wales and Scotland on the horizon, the very last thing that we need is the distraction of Exeter University’s Evangelical Christian Union’s impending legal action against the University […]