Can (a Tory) someone sort this out?

At least two or three times, of late, I’ve made the point that if the Tories are serious about shaking off their reputation as the ‘Nasty Party’ when it comes to their approach to race and ethnicity then they have to be given room to clean up their […]

BNP Councillor didn’t report pub gun attack.

The story I ran last week about the closure of The Lagoon public house in Tipton and its links with the BNP, which include it having been run for the last couple of years by Councillor James Lloyd, the leader of the BNP group on Sandwell Council, appears […]

Another day, another leaked letter in the Times…

It seems that Downing Street has been holed below the waterline yet again, and yet more of the thoughts of Chairman Tony on what he’d like us to be doing in government once he’s fucked off to the US lecture circuit have found their way into a Murdoch-owned […]

Scabby bastard spammer…

Ian has kindly pointed out that a comment (now removed) has been posted on my first post about Tim ripping on Guido which appears, to the casual observer, to have been posted by Rachel North, but which, in fact, links back to the blogger site of ‘RachelNorthLondon’. The […]

Allergic Reactions

Allergies. Lots of have them and I think I’ve finally discovered mine – I’m bullshit intolerate. Take, for example. Tony Blair’s reaction to the this week’s poll that indicated pretty widespread. support for an English Parliament. Tony Blair has said that setting up a separate English parliament would […]

Having a Denis Norden moment…

If you happen to be of a certain age that you’ll find something inescapably amusing in this headline from the sports section of the BBC. Dong signs new Man Utd contract

He wouldn’t let it lie…

It must be a slow week, this week, because the ‘Idiot formerly known as the Safety Elephant’ is back and having a good old whinge at the Law Lords after the Court of Appeal ruled that the government’s control orders breach the provisions of the Human Rights Act. […]

A small victory, but a welcome one.

Via Pickled Politics, Obsolete and D-Notice (who made the spot), word comes to me that the Sun have finally (three months after the fact) published a cursory four-line apology for the flagrant inaccuracies of its Brave heroes hounded out by Muslim yobs story, that was splashed all over […]

The Human Touch

Having spent so much time on other matters of late, I suppose I should really get around to writing something about my own party, which as most people know is the Labour Party, and a rather interested debate thats developing around Jon Cruddas’ campaigm for the Deputy Leadership […]

BNP councillor calls time…

Thanks go out to The Stirrer, who followed up my story on the impending closure of The Lagoon Public House in Tipton by speaking to its licencee, who I can now confirm is, indeed, Councillor James Lloyd, the leader of the BNP group on Sandwell Council. The BNP […]