And there’s still more to come… UPDATED – Arrest of LD councillor and candidate confirmed.

Following swiftly on from one Lib Dem’s wife being arrested on suspicion of involvement in electoral fraud in Nechell’s, the Stirrer are now reporting that two more Lib Dems, may have been arrested in the different part of the city in relation to offences that may have been […]

Vote early, vote often…

The problem with taking the moral high ground that its only good for as long as you can stay there… Lib Dem wife in vote fraud arrest The wife of a Liberal Democrat candidate has been arrested by detectives investigating potential vote-rigging at next week’s local elections in […]

And here’s one I made earlier

(I was actually pulling this together before getting wind of Dale’s descent in script-kiddiedom – see previous post – hence the title) Well it’s nice to see Britain’s premier ‘blogging expert’, Iain Dale, maintaining his usual consistency when reporting on stories about the BBC – i.e. thick and […]

Cheats never prosper…

There are two things that define blogging as a social networking activity. One is the ability to comment on posts – which is why the likes of Oliver Kamm and Mad Mel Phillips are not bloggers – the other is the ability to refer to posts (and even […]

From the file marked ‘WTF?’

Local politics tends to throw up the odd bizarre story here and there, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything to match this one: Tory candidate joins UKIP A CONSERVATIVE candidate in the Worcester city council elections has plunged her party into chaos by secretly joining the […]

Tough on crime, tough on the causes of crime.

I’ve noted previously that one of our local newspapers, the Express and Star, appears to have developed a somewhat remarkable propensity for either ignoring or downplaying local stories that might reflect poorly on the BNP, hence the paper’s coverage of the closure of the Lagoon Public House in […]