Vote early, vote often…

The problem with taking the moral high ground that its only good for as long as you can stay there…

Lib Dem wife in vote fraud arrest

The wife of a Liberal Democrat candidate has been arrested by detectives investigating potential vote-rigging at next week’s local elections in Birmingham.

The arrest of the 50 year-old wife of Mohammed Khan, who is standing as the Lib Dem candidate in the Nechells ward, came as police recovered a quantity of postal voting forms at an address in Ronald Road, Bordesley Green. Other material was found by officers specialising in preventing potential electoral fraud during another search at a house in neighbouring Hob Moor Road.

The woman was arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to defraud the local election process. She was later released on police bail.

According to the latest electoral register, 17 people are listed at the property in Ronald Road and 12 at Hob Moor Road. Nine of those at the latter address have identical names to those at Ronald Road.

I distinctly recall someone having quite a bit to say on this subject a while back…

Mr [John] Hemming said postal votes should be counted separately as an anti-fraud measure.

He added: “People do not want the democratic process to be dominated by gangsterism.”

Quite right, John… so you’ll be suing your own party this time around, perhaps?

2 thoughts on “Vote early, vote often…

  1. This is a story from last year, and AFAIK no further action was taken. Your second post is indeed a new one, however.

  2. It appears it is – not sure quite how it resurfaced as ‘fresh’ although I remains somewhat curious as to exactly how and why this story manages to allege that the two addresses in question have a total of 29 people registered to vote at them.

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