Dale’s Jewish Problem

Iain Dale doesn’t appear to be keen on Borat… I have thought long and hard about whether to admit this or not, but I wasted 80 minutes of my life (not to mention £12.99) on watching the DVD of BORAT. I like to think I have a reasonably […]


I’ll keep the preamble short and to the point. Here’s Frank Field trailing a report he’s written for ‘Reform’ which claims that New Deal isn’t working and needs urgent reform… And what you’ll see below, explains why his report is a load of rubbish that’s based on badly […]

Send for Lemsip…

I suppose it was inevitable: MP demands Eurovision vote change The Eurovision Song Contest voting system needs to be changed because it is “harmful to the relationship between the peoples of Europe”, an MP has said. Countries voted for their neighbours rather than the best songs, Liberal Democrat […]