Send for Lemsip…

I suppose it was inevitable:

MP demands Eurovision vote change

The Eurovision Song Contest voting system needs to be changed because it is “harmful to the relationship between the peoples of Europe”, an MP has said.

Countries voted for their neighbours rather than the best songs, Liberal Democrat MP Richard Younger-Ross said.

And the BBC should insist on voting changes or withdraw from the contest all together, he added.

PR for Eurovision?

Of course, a far simpler solution might be to borrow Lemsip’s girlfriend and her sister – the distinctly Romanian Cheeky Girls – for next year’s contest and bank on hoovering up the Eastern European block vote ourselves.

Personally, I’m still of the opinion that we forget winning the fucking thing and go all out to take the piss as much as possible.

Let’s cut a deal with the Irish for next year – we’ll send the Happy Mondays if they’ll ship over the Pogues and let’s just fuck with everyone’s heads.

Moan as much as you like about the nakedly political voting, it still doesn’t detract from the fact that left to its own devices and a BBC phone poll, the British viewing public will still decide to enter the biggest bag of shite on offer to them anyway.

Bollocks to trying to win the damn thing, let’s just kick back next year and see what the Serbs make of Shaun Ryder, Bez and Shane McGowan.

2 thoughts on “Send for Lemsip…

  1. Why not cut some sort of deal with that Cowell character. The winner, after winner, after winner of XYZ Idol Factor competes not only for a record contract which have only one single album produced (again) but all these former winners can then have another competition where they fight to take part in Eurovision, that way we can inflict the suffering on the rest of Europe that we have to endure EVERY year. Kind of like a Champions edition of The Weakest Link but even less impressive. And as I don’t watch ITV, it won’t affect me.

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