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Yesterday we noted that Clive Betts was the author of an EDM in support of McDonald’s campaign to McCleanse the OED of the word McJob. From the register of member’s interests:

BETTS, Clive

8-11 June 2006, to Germany as a member of the UK Parliamentary Football Club, to attend the World Cup and play football matches for charity. I received match ticket, hospitality and coach transport from McDonald’s.

Ronald can McFuckOff.

11 thoughts on “McTwat

  1. I do have to wonder what business it is of Parliament’s a spat between McDonald’s and the OED. Hardly a high priority. I just hope his local paper catches wind of this and embarrasses him.

  2. “Mcbencher”, an MP who engages in worthless acts of self promotion. Or maybe a Scottish MP voting on English only matters?

  3. The little symbol [R] next to Betts’ name on the EDM is an indication that he has registered a relevant interest in the Register of Members’ Interests and has decvlared it as relevant to his tabling of the EDM.

    Congrats to Jamie K for only taking all of 24 hours to work that one out.

  4. The symbol [R] next to Betts’ signature on the EDM indicates that he has registered an interest in the Register of Members’ Interests and has declared it as relevant to his sponsorship of the motion.

    Congrats to JamieK for only rtaking 24 hours to work this one out.

  5. (bugger: sparkling repartee brought down to earth by unfamiliarity with WordPress. Apologies for double posting.)

  6. Don’t forget McLeech the McJunket McDem McMP from McManWit. Second signatory and sure to remain best known for his Christie Cancer Hospital Closure Hoax rather than for some half-hearted corruption and an addiction to signing hundreds of third rate McEDMs.

    He’s not only played football for them (McLeech that is), he has also been a McJobee himself and, having tried to scrub his CV to remove this, he is now trying to catch up with posh MPs like Liam McByrne who claim flipping McDentials.

    It would be good to get back to having a real MP instead of a McMP. He is also a McCllr still though he doesn’t even include his ward’s name among the area’s he represents as an MP.

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