The Mask Slips..?

Mmm… curious developments over at Paul Staines’ blog to report today as, unusually, this rather wonderful pisstake of his ‘Shop A SpAd’ shtick by Hamer Shawcross, has drawn something of an unexpected reaction from the self-appointed masked scourge of the civil service. Hamer first, I think, just because […]


I’m guessing but I think Nick Cohen is still just a little bit pissed at the less than rapturous reception his recent literary missive ‘What’s Left’ received outside Eustonista country. Somewhat to my surprise, I’ve found myself in the vanguard of the Web 2.0 revolution. You’re not the […]


Paul Staines has got his hands on another internal campaign briefing – this time from the Hilary Benn campaign, and has gone off on one his usual half-witted Witch Hunts… The author of this document is Blair McDougall, he is Ian McCartney’s Special Adviser (SpAds). Ian is Hilary […]

Scotland moves left – Tories rejoice?

One of the more amusing developments since last Thursday’s elections – other than Violet Elizabeth Dale’s ‘thcweam, and thcweam and thcwaem until I’m thick’ routine in the face of the media’s stolid insistence on reporting the facts of the election results (no Tory breakthrough) rather than the Tory […]

Bucking the National Trend in Sandwell…

Local elections are funny things at the best of times and while we wait for the results of those councils who delayed their count to today to see if the picture that emerged overnight holds true – No Labour meltdown, Tories hit the ‘magic’ 40% without making a […]

Freedom? What Freedom?

I must admit that, today, the Guardian have surpassed themselves. If there could possibly be a less edifying spectacle that yesterday’s foray into futility, which the Guardian billed as an live ‘debate’ about on-line ‘civility’ with Tessa Jowell, it could only be the sight of self-appointed blogging ‘expert’, […]

A note of quiet despair…

She means well, I’m sure. I do tell myself that she means well, but of all things to raise right now the very last thing that Tessa Jowell should touch on is this: Civility in ‘ourspace’ Should we introduce a blogging code of conduct to increase the quality […]

A tale of one city…

Mmm… I’m not normally one for taking too conspiratorial a line on things, especially when that leads me to veer in the direction of something suggested by John Hemming, but in this case I’ll make something of a minor exception. Only yesterday, John Hemming responded to the arrest […]

Browne resigns, Staines talks bollocks as usual

Paul Staines’s take on the resignation of BP Chairman Lord Browne – with that of his usual coterie of comment-box fuckwits – is a veritable master-class in how to peddle a flimsy pile of bullshit even after the facts have been published and turn out to be as […]

And there’s still more to come… UPDATED – Arrest of LD councillor and candidate confirmed.

Following swiftly on from one Lib Dem’s wife being arrested on suspicion of involvement in electoral fraud in Nechell’s, the Stirrer are now reporting that two more Lib Dems, may have been arrested in the different part of the city in relation to offences that may have been […]