That didn’t take long…

Only yesterday I predicted choppy waters for Sayeeda Warsi, Cameron’s newly appointed Minister for Queer-Bashing and Apologism:

Warsi, meanwhile, can expect to find herself under fire from Labour’s Eustonista’s over her comments about policing and Islamic radicalism, and could well find herself getting ’shot’ at from both directions if those remarks find their way into the hands of the Daily Mail and Mad Mel Phillips, especially if either camp can recall the comments made by Warsi in the wake of the July 7th 2005 attack on London on the BBC’s Politics Show:

“We have a community in Britain, a Pakistani and Kashmiri community, who holds a very, very strong view about Kashmir and the scope of freedom-fighting in Kashmir …..It would concern me if … the definition of terrorism was to cover maybe (the) legitimate freedom-fight in Kashmir.”

And today over at Tory Home:

Statement by the Margaret Thatcher Center for Freedom on the Appointment of Sayeeda Warsi, as Shadow Minister for Community Cohesion

Dr Nile Gardiner is Director of the Margaret Thatcher Center for Freedom at the The Heritage Foundation in Washington DC and Sally McNamara is Senior Policy Analyst in European Affairs for the Thatcher Center.

The appointment by the Conservative Party of Sayeeda Warsi as shadow minister for Community Cohesion sends the wrong signal at a time when Britain is fighting a global war against Islamic terrorism and extremism, both domestically and internationally. Mrs. Warsi has been a fierce critic of British anti-terror policy, stating that anti-terrorism legislation had turned Britain into a “police state”. According to The Times, in a 2006 article for the Asian newspaper Awaaz, written while serving as vice-chairman of the Conservative Party, Warsi described the Government’s anti-terror proposals as “enough to tip any normal young man into the realms of a radicalized fanatic.” She also wrote that “if terrorism is the use of violence against civilians, then where does that leave us in Iraq?”

Tory Home have offered Warsi a right of reply, although on past form I suspect we may struggle to get much more than her usual, ‘I don’t believe that I have to justify everything I write, line by line and word by word.’

And yes, a quick check at the on-line home of fifth horsewoman of the apocalypse (or Mad Mel to everyone else) shows that she has indeed noticed

At such a time, when the country needs to show the most resolute stance possible against both Islamist terrorism and the religious fanaticism that drives it, it is absolutely fundamental that our politicians do not allow a single chink of light to show through this defence. David Cameron’s appointment of a person with such views to such a position at such a time is exceptionally worrying. The fact that such a revelation has surfaced on the Tories’ principal internet sounding board indicates the gravity of this — and all credit to conservative.home for having the courage to do it.

We now have a Labour government which is censoring all references to Muslims and Islam when talking about al Qaeda, and a Tory opposition which appears to believe that ‘community cohesion’ means declining to suggest to British Muslims that they should weed out the extremists in their midst.

Londonistan rules.

Right, so who’s going to be first in from the left? Aaro? Cohen? Kamm?

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  1. These ‘Euston Manifesto’ types, Unity…?

    1. Who are they?

    2. What are they rambling on about?

    3. Don’t they know that no-one gives a fuck about them?

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