Bigmouth Strikes Again…

This morning I’d like to introduce you to a guy named Billy Taylor. This is him (pictured below) at the Mayor of Havering’s Charity Dinner in February this year:


Now they say that confession is good for the soul, in which case young Billy’s soul must be in tip-top shape this morning, although his political career – he’s a member of Conservative Future – may not be looking quite so peachy after he posted this on Facebook:


Billy seems to think that Labour are worried, although I dare nowhere near as worried as Billy now that his admission of indulging in a little light-fingered canvassing for his party is starting to circulate amongst bloggers.


6 thoughts on “Bigmouth Strikes Again…

  1. Tut tut – Where are all the dangerous dogs when you want ’em huh? – Lovely tasty tory digits – yum yum 😉

    ‘People had heard of Tony Lit’ he states. Well seeing as Tony’s daddy (the owner of Sunrise where Tony worked) is probably one of the wealthiest asians in the country – and certainly in the area – it’s not THAT suprising – especially as even Avtar Lit even stood as a ‘Sunrise’ candidate in the 2001 GE (though looking at Billy Taylor it maybe the case he was shitting his nappy around then).

    Newbury Blogwatcher

  2. 1. Have you contacted the Met, Unity? Or have we left that to the paragon of law and order than is Iain Dale?

    3. 6 Romford Tories? Presumably Andrew ‘Bulldog’ Rosindell was elsewhere at the time.

  3. epsilon: I had just this matter in mind today when I posted the following to my site:

    “Iain Dale needs to decide during this by-election nonsense if he’s a commentator or a campaigner. Either he’s genuinely morally outraged by any attempt to deceive the electorate, or he’s merely highlighting/interpreting the antics of the opposition in a manner designed to further the cause of his party/preferred candidate.”

    Of course, at that stage he could always have argued that he can’t post everything and some things are more important/interesting than others etc. etc. etc.

    But now he has this whopper to deal with:

    What *will* Iain do? I’ve got odds on him providing ‘balance’ with an exclusive statement from Shapps.

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