Thought for the day…

Rachel North:

I burned my mother’s pan. I cooked chicken and bacon for a warm salad for my father and sister when we came back from hospital, and I forgot that I left the pan soaking on a high heat. I was sitting in the study, the one room in the house that is Dad’s not hers, listening to ‘Fix you’, whilst replying to anxious messages on behalf of my father, who is too distressed to cope with the phone calls and emails telling him that so many people are praying for him, for mum, for us. He has gone to be with my brother and his wife and his one-year old grandson; they were the last people to sit with Mum today, before visiting hours ended, and if he cannot be with her, he can be with the last people who sat at her side, and he can hear from them how she was, and look into my brother’s face when he tells how he is hopeful, he is calm, how Mum’s amazing grace defies the expectations of a severe stroke, day 2 .

Just read… and think.

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