Cheque Please…

I see Iain Dale’s reporting that the Tories are planning to sue the Lib Dems for copyright infringement over use of a photo of Tony Lit in one of their leaflets, at the conclusion of which he makes this hilarious observation: Whatever the result of this by-election Grant […]

Mystery Man

Bit of a quiz for you… Examine the following photograph carefully… Now tell me… 1. Who is the major public figure pictured with Tony Lit? 2. Where was the photo taken, and when? 3. How much did Tony Lit pay to attend this event and to whom? Answers […]

Watching the Defectives

Short on time at the moment, so this will a touch cryptic but… In my last post I pointed out that the Tories latest ‘defectors’ – ex Hounslow councillors Parmod Kad and Sarbjit Singh Gill – weren’t defectors at al, having left the Labour Party in 2006 to […]

Cameron to meet two more defectors in Southall…

… from the Hounslow Independent Alliance. Yes, that’s right – despite the Times billing Cameron’s planned meeting with Parmod Kad and Sarbjit Singh Gill, two former Hounslow Borough Labour councillors, as another defection from Labour to the Tories: Two more local Labour politicians will defect to the Conservatives […]

There and back again…

Back we go to Ealing Southall and the case of the defection that wasn’t, and a frankly startling allegation… Tory claim on defection ‘a lie’ LABOUR COUNCILLOR ZAHIDA A-NOORI, today wrote to Labour’s Regional Director Ken Clark to emphasise that the Tory stories concerning her were false. Cllr […]

Coming to a TV near you…

The Groan have got the skinny on the Beeb’s plans for its autumn schedules… BBC1 has secured a series of interviews with former prime minister Tony Blair in which he will look back over the major events of his 10-years in office. In what the BBC has billed […]

Talking Shite…

Dale’s having another hissy fit – shall we have a look through the round window..? BBC Bans Emily Maitliss Spectator Column I’ve never seen Matthew D’Ancona fulminate before, but I suspect he might self combust when he appears on my 18 Doughty Street show tonight at 10pm. Why? […]

The Tory that time forgot…

Simon Heffer in today’s Torygraph… We need to stop this, and to stop flagellating ourselves about drinking, because if not our attitude to the place of alcohol in our society is going to become downright silly. For the avoidance of doubt, I am well aware of the following […]

More Tory Sockpuppetry?

This, from the Groan’s ‘Backbencher column’ – WHAT A TANGLED WEB WE WEAVE What on earth are Conservative campaigners in Ealing Southall up to?First Tory byelection manager Grant Shapps appeared to post a message on Libblog LibDem Voice in the guise of a downbeat Lib Dem who was […]

The Art of a Good Excuse

An open letter to Grant Shapps. Grant: About this ‘haxx0rs ate my YouTube password thing‘… The thing is, I was discussing this on-line with a group of techs, last night – about a dozen of us with a combined experience in systems and network administration of a couple […]