Iain Dale’s Glasshouse

Iain’s rather sceptical about Gordon’s comments to Pink News: Gordon Brown’s Record on Gay Rights Gordon Brown has got a nerve. In the Daily Mail today he is putting himself up as some sort of gay rights activist and supporter. But if you actually look at his voting […]

Use Your Delusion

There are days when you’ve just got to laugh… £8m donor to Tory party was delusional, son tells court I have to say that from where I’m sitting that seems to be less a headline and more an axiom but do go on… When David Cameron became leader […]

Brass Ring Thing

Hello Evangelical Christians… I understand that you’re a little put out by this whole human rights thing to do with chastity rings, which is why I’m here today to remind you that chastity is not the only Christian virtue. There are others… … like poverty. Poverty is good […]

The plot thickens…

Another – sort of – update from Tom and one that poses yet more questions, and few answers… Cam came in secret July 17th, 2007 by Tom Why do you think that David Cameron would make his fifth visit to Ealing in secret today? What do people think? […]

To cap it all…

This just in… Shocked of Ealing July 17th, 2007 by Tom I’ve just received a phone call, that if true, will mark the most remarkable culmination to one of the most incredible by-elections I have ever worked in. With everything else that’s been going on down there, one […]

Ealing Southall – Yet More Embarrassment for Lit/Cameron

Over the last week or so, several Labour bloggers, myself included, have openly warned the Tories that their ham-fisted ‘any vote will do’ campaign strategy in Ealing Southall was likely to draw the unwelcome attention of militant Khalistani nationalists, and sure enough our predictions have proved correct with […]

Silver Bling Thing Redux

According to the BBC – ‘Chastity ring’ girl loses case A 16-year-old girl was not discriminated against after she was banned from wearing a “purity ring” in school, the High Court has ruled. Lydia Playfoot was told by Millais School in Horsham, West Sussex, to remove her ring […]

Tony Lit, Ofcom and the schmooze cruise…

Something that’s been bothering me since Tony Lit’s first appearance as the Tory candidate for Ealing Southall is the business of his resignation from his position as Managing Director of Sunrise Radio. If you’ll recall, a number of questions were asked over at Tory Home about Lit’s sudden […]

The Elephant Trap

It seem that dear old Boris is just a touch indecisive about whether or not to run for London Mayor, so I thought I’d give him a bit of hand by reminding just what a wonderful TV performer he is: [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CcgrZs4GXv4[/youtube]

They call me Mr Pitiful…

You’ll have to excuse me for a moment – must just slap PragueTwatTory down: Political Donors Have Rights Too From the Labour webpage relating to donations. “If I donate more than £1,000 to a Labour Party unit (e.g. Constituency Labour Party) or more than £5,000 to the Labour […]