Hehehehe… (updated)

I see that Sam Coates – of Tory Home – appears to be wandering around the blogosphere and making ‘It’s not true’ comments in response to the Indy’s gossipy remarks about the speculation that Tim Mongomerie and Nadine Dorries may have been playing hide the sausage on the QT…

.,..as if it matters in the slightest whether they have or haven’t in the first place.

Sorry Sam, but apart from the entertainment value of seeing you wandering around making unnecessary denials, I really couldn’t give a toss what the pair of them may or may not be getting up to in private. I just figured, on seeing it in the Indy this morning, that it might make for an amusing, if trivial, little wind-up.

Which it clearly has…


Despite Sam’s comment:

Guido and Iain have better standards than Oliver Duff

It seems that the Tim n’ Nad show might well be worthy of Guido’s attention after all.

Tory duo make for a fine romance

They are two of David Cameron’s most outspoken Tory critics. But now Westminster tongues are wagging about a flourishing friendship between bubbly blonde Nadine Dorries, 50-year-old MP for Mid-Bedfordshire, and Tim Montgomerie, 14 years her junior, who runs the influential ConservativeHome website.

Ms Dorries has attacked Cameron’s stance on grammar schools while Montgomerie has accused him of alienating working-class Tories.

The MP, a divorced mother-of-three, has only added to the tearoom rumours by sporting a fashionable bob. When she first unveiled her new hairstyle, she trilled: “I was complimented by eight MPs and two ministers.

“I preened my way through the day under a barrage of praise. The compliments ranged from ‘love the hair’ to ‘gorgeous hair, sweetie’.”

Montgomerie, 36, denies a romance. “Nadine and I are friends, but we are not going out,” he says. “People may have seen us lunching and jumped to conclusions.”

Isn’t Guido already off on one at the moment about the Indy reproducing stories without giving them their proper attribution/source?

2 thoughts on “Hehehehe… (updated)

  1. The two blogs that have covered this nonsense obviously do “give a toss”, one of which is yours.

    That you can claim to not care, having posted on it, is a bit bizarre. I know both of the people who have been slurred by this, why wouldn’t I set the record straight to any sad bloggers who picked up on it?

  2. Sam:

    My you do seem to be in the habit of mistaking mild amusement for caring, not to mention that appear to be rather lacking in the sense of humour department over what is, after all, a bit of throwaway gossip of no particular consequence.

    In fact, just about the only thing now sustaining my interest in any of this is that you seem to be getting unnecessarily wound-up over the whole thing and I never could completely resist poking sticks at the humourless.

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