Just Good Friends?

From the Indy’s media diary

MOVING ON to more cheerful affairs of the heart. Cyberspace’s one-handed surfers keep the words “internet” and “romance” estranged from one another, but there are, nevertheless, touching tales to be found on the web.

Conservativehome.com is a (rather good) Tory site edited by Tim Montgomerie (not the money-laundering, steroid-injecting former sprinter, but a disciple of Iain Duncan Smith). Tim prominently mentions one Nadine Dorries – a fruity, recently divorced Tory backbencher who has blogged about her “white, lacy” knickers – and runs a picture of her under the banner “Politics is for beautiful people”. Rumours persist that Nadine, 50, has a toyboy, some 14 years her junior. A certain Tim Montgomerie. They say they are just friends. Either way, it makes you feel all warm inside.

Well it’s one way of getting a good write-up on Tory Home, if you’re desperately overrated as a blogger.

Funny how neither Guido nor Iain Dale have been on to this ‘story’ as its well within their usual run of tittle-tattle.

7 thoughts on “Just Good Friends?

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  2. “Guido and Iain have better standards than Oliver Duff”

    Bwahahahahahahahaha! I suppose this is why you’ve never lectured them on engaging in idle gossip, Sam? Because their gossip is of a better standard?

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