The importance of reading Hansard…

Wednesday 7th May 2008…

David Cameron (Leader of the Opposition; Witney, Conservative)

He [Gordon Brown] sits in No. 10 Downing street waiting for Shakira to call and waiting for George Clooney to come to tea. I have got a bit of advice for him: why does he not give up the PR and start being a PM?


Friday 9th May 2008…

David meets Bob Geldof

Last week, the Institute of Directors invited David to speak at the Royal Albert Hall alongside Kevin Spacey and Bob Geldof.

David spoke about the ways businesses can help create a good society, and said that with a Conservative Government, “Britain can do change.”

You can see highlights from the event, including David meeting Bob Geldof, by clicking on the video opposite.

‘Cam Spam’ email issued by CCHQ

Memo to CCHQ’s spammers.

Trying keeping a bit more of an eye on Hansard.

It’ll save you the embarrassment of making your party leader look like a complete hypocrite.

8 thoughts on “The importance of reading Hansard…

  1. Unity,

    How does one go about emailing you? I have a story I think you might be interested in. Please feel free to contact me at the supplied address.


  2. So the party that claims to represent the poorest and most vulnerable increasing the income tax of the lowest paid isn’t hypocrisy?

  3. I actually heard him say that very statement live on Sky News, we didn’t even need Hansard. We also know not to take a single thing he says seriously, especially his poor attempts at witty jibes, which was what that statement was.

  4. Well, broadly reasonable comment, but there is a difference between the two positions in that Cameron is not (yet) Prime Minister, so hypocrisy isn’t really an apposite choice of word. You could try stupidity, though.

  5. Oh, and that Bob Geldof was already advising the Conservatives on Third World debt. Whether or not you agree with him, Geldof has won a reputation as a serious voice on Africa and international development. Whereas Shakira?

  6. Kevin Spacey, you’ll note, is a moderatey respected actor. There’s a fine line between acting and outright lieing, which is what he’ll be giving “Dave” a refresher course on.

    But really… a politician, especially a tory – hypocritical? Never!

  7. Hang on a moment, these are two quite different things; and nothing to do with Cameron not being PM.

    The fact is that Brown received (at least) Clooney at number 10, i.e. the latter was invited around for a chat about Darfur. Cameron, on the other hand, was invited to speak at the IoD: an event to which Spacey and Geldof had already been invited, by the IoD, not Cameron. There is a world of difference between the two.

    I would add, also, that the point Cameron was making was that Brown was cavorting with celebrity, rather than ‘getting on with the job’, in the hope that some stardust would rub-off. It was not, per se, simply an attack on Brown talking to celebrities.

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