A Hell-Hound responds…

In just about the most predictable move ever, Nadine Dorries has decided that it’s time to play the victim:

The Hounds of Hell are chasing me.

Woo-hoo – as soon as I find time that is definitely going on here as a testimonial

We received another unpleasant parcel in the post today.

Tsk. Is that any way to talk about your own party’s campaign leaflets?

Seriously, if anyone out is sending parcels through the post to Mad Nad, then don’t – it isn’t necessary and it only gives her the undeserved chance to play the victim.

Nasty web sites set up,

Where? Show me the link.

The only website specifically set-up in relation to Mad Nad was one that Tim Ireland put up to take comments after Nad shut down her own comments facility rather than answer criticism over making false allegations against Ben Goldacre.

CORRECTION – Tim has reminded my that there was one other short-lived site but it got little or no attention from bloggers due to it being a fairly blatant and poorly conceived ‘Joe job‘. The site in question has been dead for months and needs no further consideration or comment.

Other than that, most of the bloggers and sites who’re challenging her ‘campaign’ are very well established ‘names’ in the British Blogosphere – me, Devil’s Kitchen, Bookdrunk, Bloggerheads, Obsolete, Liberal Conspiracy and others, none of us are new to this arena, nor, indeed, is the feminist crew over at the F-Word and Red Pepper.

Without evidence and on past record, I’m taking this as one Nad’s usual ’embellishments’ or, as DK, might have it, she’s fucking lying.

email account and post bag bombarded

Again, keep it civil and stick to the evidence, it’s not like we’re short of it – save the swearing for the blog chatter.

people crawling all over my expenses, which they are entitled and I am very very happy for them to do…

Awww, you’ve noticed the complaint to the Parliamentary Standards Commissioner!!!

Funny, but you don’t seem your usual belligerent ‘do you know who I am?’ self on this one – don’t say that we’ve got you bang to rights here?

Or are suddenly regretting the little strop you threw when Sir Phillip Mawer chucked out your complaint about the Emily’s List MPs and thinking that you’ve now dropped yourself right in the shit?

Scary, threatening angry and downright nasty phone calls. A message smeared on my window.

Again, if there’s any truth in this and its you, then don’t – don’t fuck this up and give her a way out she doesn’t deserve.

This is all meant to destabilise or distract me.

Destabilise? I think that happened long before any of this kicked off.

I have a very clear message to those who are attempting to do this – back off. You will not stop me, you will not undermine me, you do not scare me. In fact, you make me much more determined than I ever was before. You give me strength.


You picked the fight and – within reason – you get to take the consequences. You think nothing of smearing others and impugning the professionalism and integrity of academics, scientists and other parliamentarians when you think its in your interests and you can get away with it, and now you’ve opened the door on a shit-storm you can’t control and its your integrity and your credibility under the microscope.

Tough. You’ll get no sympathy from here or pretty much anywhere else on the blogosphere.

Take a look around and ask yourself just where your ‘friends’ are? Where are the massed ranks of the supposedly ‘dominant’ Tory blogosphere and why aren’t they leaping to your defence?

The silence is deafening…

You’ve fucked up Nad.

Your campaign has become a complete fucking embarrassment to your own side to the extent that even those who might favour a cut to 20 weeks are unwilling to hitch their horse to your wagon.

Why? Because you’ll failed throughout to be honest about your motives and honest in your arguments.

You’ve lied, smeared and bullshitted you way to become the leader of the single most disreputable, malign and tendentious political campaign mounted by a politician from a mainstream party in living memory and you’ve been called on it.

And you don’t even fucking learn…

I received a lovely email today from the photographer who took the picture of Samuels’s hand reaching through his mother’s womb during the operation when he was 21 weeks gestation.

The picture below is of Samuel giving evidence to the US congress five years later.

The email reads:

“Dear Ms Dorries,

I can’t tell you how honoured I was to hear that you had posted the picture of Samuel reaching from his mother’s womb on your blog in an attempt to lower the age abortions can be performed……

I have been on pins and needles trying to keep up with the vote there in the UK….I would love to know if the attempt is successful…”

Michael Clancy

I’m not going to bother with the photographs, I’m just going to point out, once again, that ITS A FUCKING HOAX!!!

Aside from the shameful episode with Ben Goldacre, nothing has opened you up to more public ridicule than you attempt to pretend that the photograph shows a 21 week old, anaesthetised super-foetus clutching at the hand of a surgeon.

Its just not true! The surgeon say so and medical fucking science says so, and no amount of bullshit, waffle and crocodile tears is going to change that.

You’re not a victim and you’re certainly not going to become a martyr. You’re just a mouthy MP whose delusions of grandeur and popularity have been punctured by an unwelcome and long overdue intrusion from reality.

Now spare us the platitudes and take your medicine – you may learn something important from this in the long run – you can fool some of the people all of the time and all of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool bloggers. We’re on to you and we’re not going away until this is all done and dusted.

7 thoughts on “A Hell-Hound responds…

  1. “The only website specifically set-up in relation to Mad Nad was one that Tim Ireland put up to take comments after Nad shut down her own comments facility”

    Just need to correct this, because you may have forgotten the obvious ‘joe job’ that also appeared at ironedsardine.blogspot.com tempting us to follow an obvious IP trail, repeat libel, ‘censor’ comments ourselves, etc.

  2. Call me a cynical young so-and-so, but is it at all possible that Nads is exaggerating or even fabricating the UK violent ‘pro-abortion lobby’ she oh-so often wishes exists? Shurely some mistake..

  3. Tim is that “obvious joe job” the site that you sought to imply through false and misleading posting that I had a hand in (based on the fact that you had assessed that I was “awake” around the same time it appeared) ?

  4. Fantastic blogging. Thanks for exposing this woman for what she truely is. Self rightous and cruel using quite wrong pro-life propaganda to police the wombs of women and further her foolish campaign.

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