Way Beyond Satire

After all the lies, smears and misinformation, I am seriously beginning to wonder whether Nadine Dorries is beginning to implode.

Her latest round of bullshit is, perhaps, the most blatantly stupid thing I’ve ever seen.

Over at the Cornerstone blog, Dorries has shipped up to have short bitch at John Bercow for labelling her as ‘antediluvian’ before launching in version 5.0 of why she wants to put restrictions on access to abortion, about which she states:

I have never written or spoken of the main reason why I want to reduce to 20 weeks, but I am now.

Women further on in pregnancy than 16 weeks used to be injected with a chemical, Prostoglandin. This used to induce spontaneous labour and the foetus would be delivered still born.

Unfortunately, in the later abortions at 21 weeks onwards, a baby sometimes struggled for life, an event I personally witnessed.

Never? What ever?

Not even to the Daily Mail on the 6th March 2008?

As a young nurse, Nadine witnessed the horror of late abortions. Now an MP, she says the law MUST be changed

…What gives Dorries moral authority on this particular subject is that she is a former nurse who assisted in abortions. She was 19 when she helped a doctor carry out abortions on a 24-week and even a 28-week foetus.

“In one instance, a hormone was injected into the mother to put her into spontaneous abortion. It was meant to be a dead baby.”

What Dorries saw next shows just how quickly a baby can develop.

“The baby breathed. It was lying in a bedpan – it was a little boy and I saw him breathe. I said to the doctor: ‘I am going to get the crash team (emergency resuscitation medics).’

“And he got hold of my wrist, pulled me into a cubicle and said: ‘We are not on the labour ward. What are you doing?’

“He said that the only way I would be able to prove that the baby was alive was to drop him into a bucket of water and see if he floated! I ran out in tears.

“Later, the ward sister jabbed her finger at me and said: ‘You should seriously think about whether you should be a nurse.’

“What got me was the total lack of regard for human life. I have no issue with abortion at the right time. But this is murder.”

Dorries, at the age of 19, would have been a trainee nurse – do trainees actually get to assist on abortions during their Ob/Gyn rotation?

I honestly don’t know, but in view of all the other lies and tall tales that Dorries has spun during the last few months I have to ask whether any doctors or nurses one out there can:

a) Pass comment on whether its likely that she did assist on abortions while a trainee nurse – this would have been around 1976/77, or (even better)

b) Recall having trained or worked with Dorries at the time, especially if you can provide any independent verification of the truth, or otherwise, of this story.

Sorry, but it has come to this.

In view of this latest verifiable example of Dorries’ casual relationship with the truth, in which she seeming cannot recall what she said to a major newspaper only a matter of two months ago, it has become  – short of evidence of early-onset Alzheimers – impossible to accept anything she has to say in this debate without it being corroborated by independently produced evidence.

What takes this beyond the point of satire is not just that she is so obviously lying, but that she’s absolutely crap at it as well…

4 thoughts on “Way Beyond Satire

  1. As a current student nurse I find it hard to believe that a first year Stu/N back then (whose job revolved around cleaning the scum off of the soaps, amongst other things) would’ve found themselves grabbed by a Doctor and told to help with an abortion, if they were even placed on such a specialised ward in the first place. I’ll investigate further.

  2. As a currently student nurse I can safely say that there is absolutely no way on earth she would have been asked to help with an abortion. I suppose it is entirely possible she could have witnessed one (like I got to watch surgery and other things), but every thing you do- no matter how big or small you MUST to under the supervision of a trained nurse/ your nurse mentor.

    I have fellow students placed on ob/gyn wards and they have done nothing of the sort.

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