Praguetory – Still a Cunt

So there I am, checking out the latest blog chatter about Mad Nad and who should I run across but dear old Praguetory, who’s now getting his jollies by trying to bully university students.

You can check out the action over at the Birmingham University Labour Students blog, where Brigid, who’s a physicist and therefore immediately in my good books, had a few words to say on the subject of tomorrow’s abortion debate. It’s quite a nice little summary piece, in all, and young Brigid’s got all the right ideas – support the 24 week limit, Nad’s a bullshitter, that kind of thing, which she concludes with:

Women need 24 weeks for a reason. Don’t let these sad deluded people, or the lack of eloquence in this rambling, angry blog, tell you otherwise.

To which Praguetory adds this sparking riposte:


PS – Have you thought of aborting babies for a living – I hear there’s a shortage.

I must admit that the idea of a temporary increase in the abortion limit to, say, 40 years, just for the amount of time it would take to abort PT, has its temptations, but as I’m guessing that’s not likely to fly (shame) I think I’ll just have to settle for point out, as usual, that he’s a cunt of the highest order.

Getting back to Brigid’s thread, what follows is a bit of banter about careers, followed by this observation:

Have you thought about becoming an Engineer for a living?

No, but I wouldn’t be interested in it. Bridget would seem to be an unusually highly motivated abortionist in the making.

As opposed to PT, who’s a well established cunt.

I won’t bore you with the rest of PTs maunderings, its enough to know that he’s still out there, still a cunt and reduced to trying to bully students to get his jollies, which mean there’s not much more I say except to reiterate, once again, that Praguetory is a total cunt.

15 thoughts on “Praguetory – Still a Cunt

  1. Surely the name “Prague Tory” is enough to tell you what a complete twat he is, without even needing to read one of his posts…

    But yes, he is one of the worst. The shite he spouts just confirms that. He isn’t as bad as Donal Blaney though, because Blaney seems to imagine that he’s funny.

  2. Like Brigid, all your arguments are wholly one-dimensional and I don’t support them. Losing a child at 12 weeks is traumatic enough (when the scan already show a human-like form), aborting a child near the term limit is frankly repugnant.

  3. Fuck’s sake. Why do you even bother with this creep? It’s like clearing a slug out of the garden – you can chuck it over the wall as many times as you like but you know it’s going to come sliming back. He’s a sideshow. A hairdo.

    I’ve yet to see anything fall from his mouth even remotely worth engaging with. Come and have tea with my kids (3 and 7). Trust me, you’ll feel like an intellectual titan afterwards compared to soiling your intelligence by trying to engage with Dominic Fisher.

  4. Can’t speak for Tim, but personally I just use him as a occasional scratching post…

    Actually, I do have this innate dislike of bullies as well, which occasionally provides a bit of motivation, but otherwise it’s just the scratching post thing.

  5. I’ve told him sooo many times before that whining only makes it worse and he never listens, so now I’ve had to repost a couple of his classic Osborne comments over at BULS for them to enjoy.

    Still, it’ll save them the bother of having to look for them.

  6. Dominic?, Tim?, Dave? I’ve lost the plot here, but who is talking to whom? I assume that Tim is the same slightly obsessive chap that follows that Tory blogger around, Dominic, I’m assuming, is the person identified with the ‘Praguetory’ label. I heard from someone on Labourhome that someone called Dave was moderating this place. Who is Asquith, what part does the toff name d Justin play in all this? It’s all beyond me. Remind me again why you lot can’t just post under your real names?

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