In Praise of David Nutt

If you’ll excuse the bad pun, Alan Johnson has made a complete hash of his handling of the sacking of Professor David Nutt. No, that’s unfair – the government has collectively made a complete hash of things. Johnson is just the poor sap who’s having to field a […]

Simon Singh and the Daubert Standard

Coming on top of the lifting of Carter-Ruck’s attempt to gag The Guardian on behalf of Trafigura, yesterday’s news that Simon Singh has now been granted leave to appeal Justice Eady’s perverse ruling on the meaning of the statements for which he’s being sued for libel by the […]

Nonsense du Jour (Organic Edition)

As might well be expected, the published findings of a major Food Standards Agency commissioned systematic review of the alleged health benefits of organic produce have put a few noses out of joint, not least that of the Soil Association, after it concluded that: …there are no important […]

Beware the spinal trap

Hey, you know me – always up for a bit of Spartacus action. So as the call has gone out from Sense About Science, asking bloggers to reproduce the article for which Simon Singh is currently being sued for libel by the British Chiropractic Association then, of course, […]

Pseudoscience – not a valid educational choice

Anyone who’s passionate about science, as I am, cannot help but be seriously concerned by the growing extent to which anti-scientific ideas, and the groups and organisations that promote them, are increasingly creeping into public life and attracting mainstream political support. While it’s easy to ridicule the purveyors […]

Fairies at the bottom of the schoolyard.

I’m generally not one for talking up the qualities of Tory Shadow Ministers, as you might easily guess, but I have to admit that for a while I’ve considered the Shadow Education Minister, Michael Gove, to be one of the more quietly impressive figures in what is otherwise […]

Following the [Darian] Leader…

Zarathustra, who’s both an occasional visitor to the comment boxes here at the Ministry and a damn fine blogger in their own right, over at Mental Nurse, currently has a very welcome guest post on the go over at my second online home, Liberal Conspiracy, which relates to […]

Examining the BCA’s ‘plethora’ of evidence

Via Jack of Kent, it seems that the British Chiropractic Association have finally been stung into publishing details of the ‘plethora’ of research evidence that they claim supports the use of Chiropractic manipulation for a variety of condition other than non-specific lower back pain. Jack’s got a copy […]

Who do you think you are kidding, Mr Wainwright…

Someone’s clearly forget to tell the Guardian’s northern editor, Martin Wainwright, that the war’s over… The medical properties of carrots – including the boost they provide to night vision, which led to them being fed to RAF pilots during the second world war – can be enhanced by […]

Exposing the flaws in the DWP’s lie detector trials (1)

It’s been a while, but let’s return to the subject of the DWP’s trial of a so-called ‘voice risk analysis’ system and bring you all up to speed on what’s been happening since my last post on this particular subject. At the beginning of May, this year, I […]